More graphic settings needed

I want to disable some environmental effects such as clouds/stardust and big rocks inside FW complexes, for example.
They are nice, but they slows down my GPU => effective response time.
This is crucial when you warp inside and starting a fight.

Also, would be nice to adjust the brightness of space/sun without affecting other elements. I mean, it’s far beyond 21st century, right? Shouldn’t we already have some cool space-goggles by that time?

Pal, get to the back of the line! CCP can’t even put graphics for people who wear hats in the game. Apparently we are all bald if we put on any hats. :laughing:

Would also love burning ships when in low hull. CCP also said this in some random fanfest I can’t cite.

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You could try it with DirectX 12 disabled in the Launcher Settings.
DirectX 11 needs much less of resources.

DX11. DX10 does not exist anymore

Is DX12 still so bad for performance? It’s been a while now since CCP implemented it.

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Yes, on my already somewhat older work PC, the GPU load here goes almost to 100%, the same settings on Dx11 generate only a scant 40-50% load.

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Thanks, it feels much lighter after switching DX.

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