*POSSIBLE* WTB C3 with high or lowsec static

As the title says.

Possibly wanting to buy a C3 with high or low sec status. Looking to see what offers there are. Structures or no structures, just throw all your offers out to me. (PI is NOT important to me at the moment, but moons could be a plus). Might also want an extra C3 static (C1 and C2 work as well, but highly prefer a C3)


And another bump!

I found a hole for you if interested. C3 with LS static. No structures. No dead sticks. Pocos tax is 3%. message me in game.


How about 500 mill for entrance. 1/2 for bookmark and last 1/2 after you scan system.

How long will this WH be available? Because I have school and work today, so won’t be home for a while

If you pay first 1/2 i will put a scan alt in it and scan you the entrace at your convience. However, it is wh space. I can not guarantee someone will not move in if you take to long.

Well, I literally have no way to access my account right now. I get home in about 11-12 hours from now. Might be able to have my friend log in for me and send you that ISK, but I doubt that will work out.

I will park an alt in it and not advertise it for 24 hours. Send me in-game message on eve-mail when you get logged on.

Will do, and will re-message you here as well.

Is it possible I can get the J-Sig?


Hole is seeded.

mail me if your still looking

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