Potential Fix for WHers for the 500mn HIC

(nomadd79) #314

I do realise that reading your previous comments dude.

BTW your rolled out story was a classic! Scanning out with the mammoth only for one of the barges to get ganked in HS… :joy:

(Arrendis) #315

Heh. I was laughing my tail off when that barge pilot started bitching, too.

Also on my list is my 1st-ever time in Nullsec. Got stuck on the wrong side of a hole in a Tempest. Probes, cloak, Cruiser-sized autocannons cuz I couldn’t use anything bigger yet (I was in the hull just to help roll holes). Scan my way out, I’m deep in null. I have no idea where I am, just that it’s null. I’m kinda worried. Set autopilot for Jita, start running.

3 systems out, I know I’m being hunted, but no bubbles on the gates.
2 systems out, hit a drag bubble, nobody there. Burn away at an oblique angle, cloak up as soon as I’m far enough from the can. The hunters show up. Spread out around the gate like they think they passed me in warp. I’m maybe 20km from the closest one, creeeeeeeping away under cloak. They go running back to the other gate. Then back. I watch them do this 3-4 times while I’m trying to get to warp distance. As soon as I’m out at 200km from the gate, I align, and wait. They warp to the other gate, and I decloak and warp. YES! I’m out of there!

Last system. Warp to the out-gate! I’m FREE! I’M FREE! I… DAMMIT BUBBLES. LOTS of bubbles. Oh crap. They’re piling into system. Bounce to a planet! Cloak up! Ok… ok… uhm… what to do… wait! I’m safe! There’s safety! Decloak, punch it into warp… A STATION! HOORAAAAwaitWHYWON’TITLETMEDOCK??? No time to figure it out, warp off. Maybe they’re off the gate. Warp back, prop on, time to run for it… I just need to get through these bubbles and I’ll be…

Welcome to HED-GP, beeyotch.

(Jaiden Solo) #316


PVP corps care about frig holes because when you are sieging a WH system you need to be able to lock it down.

Maintaining 23/7 hole control for a week only to see things go south on the final day because you can’t roll off an incoming frig hole is going to piss a lot of people off.

(Brisc Rubal) #317

I’ve been admitting it. I’m here to represent the players to CCP. All the players. And when I see an issue, I’m going to do everything I can to help, because that’s my job.

The rest of your whiny post is exactly the problem - you’re pulling the same kind of crap that we constantly see every time a change is put out “OMG THEY’RE GOING TO KILL X, THE GAME IS OVER.”

It’s not. There are always workarounds and the meta is always changing. Even if CCP does nothing (and I am confident they will fix this before the release goes out), people are still going to live in wormholes and they’re still going to do what they’re doing, whether 500mn HICs are a thing or they aren’t.

I’d be fine with a limit on the number of citadels per null system, btw.

(Arrendis) #318

btw, dude, thanks for keeping on this, and for demonstrating that player feedback can get CCP to change course. I’ve had people tell me my piece on INN was the deciding factor, but like I told them, nothing there I didn’t say here, and I’m pretty sure you continuing to collect feedback here and deliver it to the devs had a lot more influence on things. Good job.

(Brisc Rubal) #319

In case you guys haven’t seen it, CCP has confirmed that they will have a new module released in October to ensure that WHers can still use HICs for hole rolling.

Thanks for everybody who provided me and others with constructive feedback - it really helped us to make the case for these changes.

(Veryez) #320

Not a bad idea, I would prefer giving the mass effect to another high slot module or creating a new module, but a porpoise could work.

What’s most depressing is the whole attitude of the announcement. The whole, “WH’s are screwed - oh well” attitude they presented. Granted we’re not playing EvE they way CCP wants, we’re playing it the way we want - but that doesn’t make our subscription any less valuable.

Thanks, for trying to help.

(Brisc Rubal) #321

Good news is we won’t need the porpoise idea, because CCP is going to introduce a module that does this for WHers. Problem solved (hopefully).

(Veryez) #322

Yeah, just read it, I’m fine with this idea. TY for the link.

(Scooter6976) #323

garbarge. lol.

As part of our efforts to fix this issue, I’ve had a couple of intelligent people propose to me that a potential solution would be to reduce the mass of the csm by 100%

Eve has enough pilots in space to allow for the use of a republic form of representation, yet small enough to easily sift out trolls from entering positions of leadership. Reducing the current csm to rubble would allow eve players an opportunity to build a system of representation that Actually represented the varied forms of gameplay throughout the various regions of space. Basically reducing the foul taste left in our mouths every time a csm takes its upon themselves to speak on behalf of their own bad ideas.

This WOULD address my concerns, but I do not want to hear from you(Brisc Rubal) about whether you think this will solve the Real problem.

(Duo Roman) #324

I see no point on keeping this thread open other than to attrackt trolls, I’d ask ISDs to close it.
Also Brisc, thanks for keeping an open channel, some of us appreciate you taking the time to help out, even if the suggestions were not always in line with what we expected.

(Maqari Kinraysuwa) #325

As someone who organizes evictions in a PvP corp, if you think that constitutes more than 1% of frigate connections getting rolled, you’re stupid.

(Jaiden Solo) #326

Wow, way to move the goalposts Batman.

You originally said 99% of people. As someone who has done plenty of evictions, in a PVP corp, I know full well how much of a ballache a frig hole spawn is for an eviction and how quickly you want to get rid of it. I also know that it is primarily PvP corps and as a result, PvP people who will care about getting rid of these frig holes.

I take it English isn’t your first language? Maybe you should take a step back and read what has been written before calling someone stupid.

(Maqari Kinraysuwa) #327

What goalposts? I said 99% of people that roll frig holes are krabs, ergo 1% of people who roll frig holes are not crabs. Is English not your first language? Regardless, evictions are ■■■■ and awful and only acceptable when they make for a good shitpost video.

(Wander Prian) #328

To be fair to CCP, wormhole-players have been listened to and we have gotten things added to our benefit.

-we got moon-mining (thank Noobman for that one)
-we got changes to the new structures that increased the risks and rewards about them. (No asset safety and shorter timers)

(Jaiden Solo) #329

You said 99% of people that roll frig holes are krabs.

Then you started talking about 1% of frigate connections.

Then you started talking about 99% of people.

Make your mind up. Which are you talking about?

(Warrior Xena) #330

More time consuming than retraining the alts ?

(Warrior Xena) #331

“no asset safety and shorter timers”

How does that benefit the wh players ? They can lose their assets more easily ?

wow, everything they’ve been dreaming of came true :slight_smile:

(elitatwo) #332

Just out of curiosity, the forums are a great place to complain about everything and people do complain at lot, about:

  • afk cloaking is mean (the not at the keyboard evil mean person cannot do us harm or something
  • ganking is mean, stop ganking
  • wars are mean, don’t kill noobs
  • the bounty system doesn’t work
  • faction warfare has frigates with warp-care stabilizers and you are guaranteed that you will have a killmail every time you enter a faction warfare complex
  • One warp-core stabilizer makes you invulnerable and it must be a guaranteed killmail whenever you undock - preferable without doing anything
  • the tether mechanic is mean, make jump freighters auto-explode after each cyno jump, so I can always collect the loot and get the killmail I deserve

What people do not complain about:

  • look on the doll right here, the meany hictor touched me there, give me back my capital / sooper dooper dooper botting tool

Or in other words, in 12 years I haven’t seen any thread in any of the forums complaining about hictors with a mwd on.
Please show us where the 2085720572068957895692697567 complaints are hiding

(Zerieth Holister) #333

Instead of nuking the HICs power to roll a wormhole put a flat out speed debuff or change the fitting requirements to you cant slip a 500mn mwd on it. Alternatively you can smash the he’ll out of the stat your worries about and change the ships agility directly rather than making it impossible to roll wormholes with it.

Screwing wormholers again is not a good fix, and making us train into something entirely different doesnt help anyone. Please do not implement this change.