Power of 2 Promo?

Returning player here from back in the day. We used to be able to do a power of 2 promo which was a discount for 2 subscriptions plans (i.e. accounts). With Omega and Plex system, does that ever pop up anymore in some capacity? Basically you paid full price for one account and then you could sub a secondary account for a reduced price.

Had you seen the store/packs?

I saw the MCT packs but isn’t that for another character on the same account or can you use that MCT on any toon who has it?

It’s for the two other chars on the account you are logged in when you make a purchase of MCT

When you buy it, you can then activate it in unpause option of the skill queue

That’s what I figured. The power of 2 promo on the other hand was a second account so you could have 2 accounts logged in from the same launcher at the same time. I understand you can do this by getting 2x Omega (which was like back in the day paying for 2 regular subscriptions) but each year they would come out with the power of 2 promo to give you a percentage off that second account to encourage multi account use per player.

Such offers happen, have not looked further back in time to determine how often. You need to check up there regularly.

The omega time stacks up and there are always some deals every month.

Im currently getting a discount on my second account so it may be a standard thing now

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Reason why mentioning those packs as they hold rather good value even when they don’t fully offer the exact promo your referring, they still enable a mix and match to suit your wallet and gametime.

Ie, SP can be extracted sold after it is injected then converted to plex to go towards the 2nd account sub.

Even the 3day pack sounds perfect for subbing your alt as who has more time to mine in New Eden longer than those 3 days?


*Smart thing to do is pop a daily skill pill first while the account is in alpha then when you sub you will have gained 50k sp to feel the rush of a new start.

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