[PR0VE]: Pochven-Based Pvp in USTZ

Join [PR0VE]: Pursue. Restrain. Overwhelm. Vanquish. Exfiltrate.


Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98675962/

[PR0VE] is a small pvp-oriented group of dudes operating in Pochven. You may have seen us on many battle reports of the recent pochven conflicts (broadly speaking, we fought alongside Electus Matari and their allies against Stribog and the pochven blue donut). Primarily based in USTZ (evenings/weekends), we’re looking to expand our roster so we can take more fights in the area. Come check out the unique blend of wormhole and nullsec mechanics that makes Pochven unlike anywhere else in eve. Join us for the following perks

  • Unique pvp experiences. Pochven’s mechanics reduce force projection, and response fleets take longer to arrive than other areas of space. Much like wormholes, there is no local channel intel network to deny content for the hunters. Traps, bait, and ambush tactics are particularly strong for those who can exploit them to their fullest advantage.
  • Unique and profitable PvE opportunities with particularly lucrative sites designed for up to 15 people - these create both income opportunities and viable targets.
  • Guidance on how to improve your Triglavian standings if you want access to more npc station services. Standings are convenient but not essential, so your level of time investment there is up to you.
  • You won’t be limited to only small-gang: we sometimes work with other entities to take fights that would otherwise be out of scope for us. That said, we are committed to our stance of no permanent blues - no more burning through entire blue regions of null or scanning dead and empty wormhole chains to find people you can shoot.
  • Quick, reliable access all over empire space. Home is just a filament away, logistics are always easy. With unparalleled access to the secret superhighway that is Pochven, you’ll find you’re never more than a handful of jumps from Jita (or other major hubs).
  • Real life comes first - there are no mandatory ops.


  • There is no hard SP requirement, but you must be omega status. Players of any skill level are welcome as long as they are willing to learn mechanics and shoot enemies.
  • There is no Multiboxing requirement. Much like wormholes, alts for scouting and/or tackle are very powerful, but that’s up to your own discretion.
  • We are USTZ primarily. If you’re based in any other timezone, we may not be the best choice for you.
  • ESI Lookup

Come say Hi in our discord, and feel free to ask any questions. Your application journey begins here.

Learn more about Pochven’s intricacies with this comprehensive guide, written by yours truly.

recruitment still open

Recruitment is still open. Additionally, the guide has seen some some updates.

Recruitment is still open. Also, our pochven guide has been updated for the recent patch.

Recruitment is still open, the guide has been updated, and there may be more pochven content coming soon? should be interesting

Recruitment remains open, posting updated to account for recent changes to the region.

Recruitment is now reopened after a brief hiatus, and our posting has been revamped.

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