there is no blueprint, you received it as a gift from the event! I have a question for traders, you are not ashamed to sell it for 200M !!!

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Supply and demand. Very simple.


you get a gift and you sell it!!! that’s greed !!!

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Yep. What game did you think you were playing?


It’s called a better margin of profit.

other ppl call it → Market ! You have something and dont want it, other ppl dont have it and want it.
pay the 200 mio or wait for the next gift


Compared to other battleships that’s a shame indeed: 300m ISK would be better, think of all the battleship builders!


You are right. If you used a 1 mil SP for free referral link you should spend it on omega skills then extract it and give it away for free. That is the only non-greedy way. :wink:


I agree OP.

Don’t be greedy and give me your Praxis for free.

I’ll be waiting for the contract anytime. If I don’t get one in 24 hours, I will assume you don’t really believe in your own words.


I once bought my girlfriend an expensive necklace, and she said thank you but proceeded to sell it for cash the next day.

Well, not a girlfriend, more like a girl on twitch…

But yes, it happens often.


Every Christmas I buy my BFF a yellow space suits.

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Where is my yellow space suit. I am your BFF are I not?

If you want on my list then you will need to do something for me


Maybe he has his own bonus room made just for you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :thinking: :eyes:

You may start by using that Praxis that you have or contract that praxis to the Op as they are right the praxis are too cheap.

@Solonius_Rex Are you cheap also?

Shame doesn’t exist anymore.


It’s always a great week to create new pilots when they give out free praxis as it’s an easy ship to fit for week old new pilots.

Also the price on those should always be kept low

why should it be low ? doesnt make sense … btw it IS realy low for such a strong ship !

Well for starters we don’t provide material to produce it, the ship insurance it set lower than a normally produced battleship.

It’s the easy stepping stone on the steep learning curve that Eve Online supports the lower cost for New Capsuleers.