Man that's bad

So as a semi new player i tried my hands on combat anomaly. And did a site that escalated in to a 5/10. So with a guide and spending 190 on a praxis and after 4 hour doing this ■■■■ because I had to warp of and back in several times i go for the last ■■■■ to get the loot and all I got was 1 overseer effect with 37mill plus 20-30 mill in bounty.

All i can say after selling the loot and the praxis well i started this ■■■■ with 560mill in wallet and after this ■■■■ i got 530mill.

So this 4 hour ■■■■ made me lose 30mill. If my hard work for 4 hour is loosing ■■■■ then to hell with it.

I will never do escalation ever again CCP can take that and shove it up their ass.

All MMO game reward you the more you play while eve punish you for spending time in the game.

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Eve can have very inconsistent rewards for activities that sometimes pay out big time. Escalations are an example of this. Sometimes you get junk. Sometimes you get a module worth 200mil.

Exploration is another example. Sometimes you spend 6 hours and get nothing. Sometimes you find 100 mil in 20 minutes.

The next time you do an escalation, it will be faster, and faster and faster as you learn more about how to run then and how to fit your ship.

You can also run them in smaller ships as your skills improve. I can do 5/10 in a cruiser that warps a lot faster, so travel time is much less.


This is the mindset of a player who will not survive in EVE.

So you tried something new for the first time, without experience, with a poorly fit and unoptomized Praxis and floundered around for 4 hours due to your lack of skills and the person you want to blame is CCP? Really?

I know players who dropped 1.2 billion+ on a Loki running 10/10s in nullsec and have figured out how to complete them in about 18-20 minutes netting 200m (often more depending on drops). But they didn’t immediately start out that way. They asked for help from experienced corpmates, received optimized fits and trained skills to use them effectively, and took the time to practice and learn.

And here you are throwing a tantrum because the first time doing something completely new didn’t make you an isk billionaire. Weak.


Another qualification for being a great eve player is helping folks who are stuck or frustrated without being condescending and dramatic…


By all means, go ahead then. Don’t let me stop you.


Now that you have a ship you can run more.

You think you are owed a large profit first time out?

Train Patience to V.


I ■■■■■■■ lost isk doing it. Yeah fine if i lost isk buy losing my ship i would be fine with it here i finished it and lost isk on it

Imagine playing any MMO ever and the quest you did took 300 gold from you instead of rewarding you anything. I bet your ass any one right in the head would complain about it.

Well it the only thing eve players are Good at being condensending an mean and over all ass clowns.

No I’m not but when i do anything in any game ever I want to feel rewarded not punished.

Like dark souls when you finally beat that hard boos after trying for 8 hour then your reward with souls and satisfaction. You don’t lose souls on defeating a boss. You don’t get punished for it.

Since your ship is already paid for, the next escalation could potentially drop 200 million ISK or more, and thereby negate your perceived “losses” from the first run. Quit whining. You aren’t guaranteed to make a hundred million ISK every time you undock. I eagerly await your next post where someone in a smaller, faster ship warps in and takes the overseer effects right from under your nose and warps off…


Shhhhh! I was saving that for a surprise.


Never said i want to make billions all I’m saying i don’t want to do things that punsish me by going minus 30mil for 4 hours of hard work.

Like if you played a game for 4 hours and your reward was losing 30k silver or gold or gil or what ever that game.

Fine if i had lost that 30mill in a pic fight but here I’m doing PvE and lose money because the reward was ■■■■.

Man imagine how many people would make level 4 missions in eve and some time does missions take 10mill from you instead of giving you 10mill. And then people say keep doing missions because som Times they give you money but most of the time they take money from you when you hand it in.

Adjust your attitude some.

I get it: you want to rant to a sympathetic audience, and call the realists among us


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What im trying to say that every one seams to miss. I don´t just magickly want to make 200mill on my first try but I don´t want to going minus 30 mill when finishing 4 hours of work. If I started out with 560mill and end up with 530mill when im done what´s the point of doing it when I lose money insted of doing it.

Every one tells me the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. So I took a big risk doing a 5/10 in low sec manage to finish it and get away with my ship and yet going minus instead of plus becuse my ammo and drones was more expensive than the ■■■■■■■ reward I got.

Be glad EVE is as gentle as it is now, if you joined like 5-10 years ago you would probably biomass and forever ragequit even before undocking…

(You had to train learning skills for months just to can train efficiently afterwards.)

for how much did u sell ur praxis?

If you are using missiles or any other type of expendable ammo, you should consider it a loss.

and if you sell a ship, presumably you rigged it, when you sell it, you most likely won’t make back what you bought it for.

you already have a loss in rigs if you repackage a ship that had rigs. Rigs and ammo you should always consider loss or expenditure.

then you have the insurance that you bought and voided for repackaging and selling the ship (if you insured it)

so really the only reason you came at a loss, is yourself and your mistakes… you shouldn’t buy a ship for just one thing and turn around to sell it… skill towards it, optimize the mods and skills to fly it more effectively.

it’s no different than buying products to stock up in a store. You buy low, sell at a higher rate to make your money back and then some…

same difference with a ship/mods. running two or three escalations is what will be needed to start making a “profit” if that is your end goal.


So op

  1. bought a ship
  2. ■■■■ fit it
  3. ran a site that took too long
  4. sold the ship
  5. netted less isk

is that right?

  1. Rant

Okay, first of all, not all gains are measured in isk. You would have had a ship capable of running escalations (had you not sold it), and you got something that is potentially even more valuable -new knowledge and experience. Moreover, you might have even had some fun doing it. I mean, I seriously doubt that you did. But you could have had fun had you not been such a grumpy gus.

Second, anyone “right in the head” will realize that most investments take time to “mature”. If I invested 50 million dollars into building a factory in real life, I wouldn’t be mad that I only made 500k profit on my first day. Yes, I would technically be 49.5mil in the hole. But it wouldn’t take me too long to make back the cost of my factory, and ultimately come out ahead. In fact, you have such a weird way of looking at things that I honestly don’t know if you just have a bad attitude, or if you are trolling us, and we’re taking the bait.

Sigh. This is where I would talk about the value of having a positive attitude, but I’ll doubt you’ll listen, and I’m getting sleepy. So, my ■■■■ tank is running on E.

I’ll happily answer any questions that you have. But if you’re going to complain before rage quiting, let me be the first to ask…

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