Man that's bad

If you immediately rage-sell your ship after using it once, you’ll lose money to sales tax and the difference between the buy and sell orders (assuming you sold it to a buy order).

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This is the most ignorant complaint thread I’ve seen yet. How can you not see what you did wrong? You bought high (the praxis) and sold low. That’s why you lost money.

When you buy a ship it’s an investment. It’s not going to pay itself off the first time you use it. If your stupid self would have kept it and worked on the fit with your earnings like a normal person you could have ran another one when you got it. That would have earned you more. Then again and again and so on.

This isn’t an instant gratification game like those shitty ones you keep mentioning. This game has long term goals that you work towards piece by piece.


as all other people answered to you, OP you did wrong. You probably have low skills, bad strategy, not much knowledge about the task that you are trying to do. And you blame the game for your failure.
HARDEN THE ■■■■ UP. Try to read, learn and improve. That is eve. And honestly you could just try to bring two friends with you if you don’t have good skills and/or fit, and it would probably work. And you would get some FUN. Because here you just talked about isks investment, isks loss, etc. Where is your fun? do you play eve to earn isks? this is a game not a job
Or leave eve for a"much rewarding other mmo" where a npc will congratulate you and call you the savior of the world because you collected 10 wolf skins or 10 wooden sticks.

You want some help? Show your fit, your skills, accept the critics.

You just want to whine and complain because you failed? Good riddance.


It has its merits and is actually a great way to get a lesson to stick. There is a reason embarrassment is one of the strongest emotions we evolved.

It won’t make you as many friends but that’s not anyways the goal.

And the ironic foil is I known people who drop 1.2billion on a ship as a credit card warrior then get suspect baited and die :laughing:

Highsec players aren’t even human so whoop dee doo.


You have forgot about praxis in your equation. You earned 60M for 4 hours and you have praxis which is an universal ship, but if you dont like it you can always sell it. It is not bad if you are new and dont have skills and proper ship to run it faster. People can do those sites in Stratios in low sec in less than hour and a half, or 2 hours.