Bad day at the office

Spend 3 hrs putting together an Alpha fit praxis to take on the Crimson Harvest
Travel to out of the way system
Spend 1 hrs looking for Tetrimon base to do
Warp to site, and wireless disconnects while in warp
Have to tether to phone to get back on internet quickly
Get back into game and ship is destroyed, total loss so far 300 million.
In a rush to get my stuff back before it gets stolen, travel a few jump and pick up only partially fitted Domi with some faction and deadspace gear on it. All guns are offline as they are T2 and im Alpha status.

Fit a warp core stab and throw 5 light drones in it

Rush back to wreck, only to find that it’s not just the frigates that scram you , its all the ships, 5 drones get mashed, no other drones, guns offline due to Alpha status, total loss now 800million.

I might just give up with the Crimson harvest

Proper Planning Prevents something something


Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


None of that’s EVE’s fault.

  1. That’s your internet, your fault :smiley:

  2. You didn’t do proper research and yeeeted a battleship into a bad situation with your own self to blame.

Edit: Holy crud, you put a WCS too?

Yes. You deserved these death and these losses.

Learn from them padawan :smiley:

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That sucks OP. I’m sure there’s a bunch of lessons you can learn from this experience that will make you a better pilot going forward!


I deserve an internet disconnect? that led to the loss of the initailly properly fitted Praxis (that didnt have a WCS)?

What did I do to deserve that?

Has your internet ever disconnected, and did you deserve it?

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You put in for reimbursement, I assume?

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The fact that your internet disconnected has no bearing on the event or on EVE.

I’ve been playing online games since 95. My internet has DCed tons of times. I’ve died tons of times.

Never cried on the forums about it :smiley:


Major bummer dude :grimacing:
Hope you get back on the horse with a few lessons learned… One obvious suggestion: don’t play online games without direct ethernet connection to ISP.

ps: No one here thinks you’re crying except the forum clown.

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that is like 48 million more than I recall loosing on my first time playing.

Just write it up as a lesson learnt and not before too long in the future you will be handing out billions in isk cause it just falls from space out of thin air.

Some days I log out with less than 5billion and that is still way too much I just can’t give it away quick enough. Noone cares about isk when fun is the main priority.

Isk has little value in Roleplay.

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Iceacid’s facial expression shows disgust at reading OP. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Nah just trying real hard to lift their spirit. Really after a few months playing in safe space he will understand.

frostpaker you sexy mofo
i love wen you talk about money

You know I actually very greatful for the breakup between my pilot and Princess AIko as I use to only log out with less than a billion.


Thank you Aiko for banning me from your silly gank channel!

Roleplay iceacid x tutucox marriage when? Don’t forget to take screenshots of the wedding ceremony… and link the eventual killmail. :smirk:

wai wai wait man
we are just buddies

you can count on me :hugs:

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But of course… wink wink nudge nudge. :wink:



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I am learning how to pvp thanks to tutucox Khamsi and soon I will be able to collect my sort after trophy.

i saw you yesterday in perimeter
i need to teach you to suspect bait …