How many ships?

i´m sick of this, how many ships do i have to lost becouse of your lag? and your bugs? i did jump, i even arrive in the station, and my kill report came… and i appear in my capsule… this is inacceptable

ummm…you know there has been a DDOS attack all weekend right?


trust me ^^ its better you lost theese ships xD then you can buy a new one with a correct fit

not the point

do you know we pay for not deal with that problem?

Nothing is guaranteed…expecting perfection is unrealistic.

tons… of missing the point…

not even in life, i agree, but this is a payd service, if you don´t match tha terms of your contract… play by YOUR rules EVE!!!

A paid service, in life…Yes it’s frustrating but it’s mostly out of CCP’s control…

why are you defending EVE? are paid for it?

i´m expressing a complain, the best i can, making a demand for quality, because of the “real” money i paid, it took time and efford to get here, and i love it, but i can´t play like this, not if they are not gone to ensure stability.
mi appologies for the spelling, not my first language.

Show me that contract and line that says, that CCP guaranty omega players perfect server status all the time.


line, perfect… i´m expressing a demand for quality

if your not abble to sustein your rules… responsablity… accountablity…

Place blame where blame is due. It’s not CCP’s fault; it’s the fault of the d-bag that launched the DDoS attack. Every MMO has to deal with this crap, and they deal with it the best that they can. Trust me, they want us happy and in game so that we keep spending money on their product.

Now with that out of the way, you are now aware that Eve (and other MMO’s) is sometimes targeted by DDoS attacks. As such, it behooves you to keep an eye out for the orange bar. When you see it, manage your risk accordingly. Maybe don’t take your expensive ships into risky situations. Maybe do something in expendable ships, or do some housekeeping (i.e. catch up on your email, delete/update old fittings). Something I started doing was to fire up Eve before I intend to start playing to see if I experienced any DC’s. When I do, I know it’s not safe.

And if you do experience any losses due to DC during a DDoS, file a support ticket. Just bear in mind that they are likely getting slammed with support tickets, so you should try to be patient.

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ok, i get it, but not exactly happy… i thougt… translate if you care…

Primero que nada, deseo que tu dia no sea tan terrible, lamento si te doy dolor de cabeza, lo que estoy reclamando es (1ero) efectivamente la frustracion acumulada, de los varios dias que se ha prolongado esta situacion (viene sucediendo desde antes del ataque al servidor), lo que sugieres / recomiendas lo hice desde los primeros dias, hacer “house keeping”, reacomodar cosas ver, ver videos, etc. pero luego de un tiempo…

… es tan complejo este juego, que si ademas mis módulos no reaccionan cuando los activo, me quedo “atorado” en el warp si hay algún objeto, etc… me hace preguntarme… ¿debo seguir invirtiendo mi tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo en una plataforma que no me asegura el cumplimiento de sus propias reglas?
En el universo EVE soy sólo un novato (y con el lenguaje en contra), en otros…

I understand. I can get frustrated as well. In fact, I made this meme after losing 2 Ikitursas. Anyway, server performance is usually much better, so hopefully the attack will stop soon.

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ok, that´s funny, but still not the point…

i´ll wait then…