Preempting A Low Sec Gate Camp

If there were three Maluses, a Brutix, and a Kestrel sitting on a Low-Sec gate, will that prevent most gate camps? I know any group that is sufficiently determined can overpower a small group just by a strong alpha strike. However, some groups that were approaching the gate were expecting to see an empty area and just hoping to get some easy kills on people coming in and out. So would this prevent… 75% of gate camps?

Probably not. Quite a few of the corporations camping lowsec gates are actually trying to provoke this kind of reaction. They’ll either have lots of toys docked up in system, or will cyno in a bunch of heavy metal on anything that looks like a tasty target.

I thought those beacons can be destroyed in a small timeframe so anyone can see a cyno, rush in, and blow it up before anyone arrives.

They take as long to kill as it takes to kill a recon.

Also you don’t need to warp to them they will probably be lighting it on grid with you.

Oh… so anyone using small turrets will not be killing one in time.

Nope, you just delay it long enough for the enemy to figure out how to take you down. (And is not much for a battlecruise and a few frigates)

Want to dodge gatecamps?

Fly a nereus, fit an industrial cyno, tackle modules and a thick tank. When you jump into one, lock them all up and there’s a reasonable chance they won’t touch you.

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If it was my system, would not be able to resist warping 100km from the gate and 1 shotting a frigate with a sensor boosted tornado.

More fun running into a door face first

Which system is that? If you want us to stay away, just let us know

The counter to your little fleet is one ship. Now be a god boy and say thankyou to Zaera.

That is Jita

at least have some style and use a panther

Scary place Jita. All those nasty people trying to shoot blinkys.

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