Prevent 3rd party's from Duping the forum

(ExplorerAlTNewb) #1


Do Not Allow 3rd party websites to duplicate the data on this forum.

For many years now you guys have allowed a couple of 3rd parties websites to copy word for word every single post on the previous forum.

This is horrible for search engines, causes duplicate content issues and worse off, instead of users going to your website’s forum, they go to some 3rd party site.

(yellow parasol) #2

that’s not possible?

or if… how?

(Ara Lumi) #3

If they block that, won’t it disable any forum reader software, like those used on mobile phones?

(Althalus Stenory) #4

I don’t think they will, especially when you have some feeds like this

(Steve Ronuken) #5

pretty much not possible.

I guess you could play whack-a-mole with IP blocking on people who are mirroring it, but that’s a person intensive task.

(Tom Forager) #6

Should not be overly technical to detect large amounts of queries from a single IP over many pages on the website in a short period of time. That is what scrapers would typically do.

(Steve Ronuken) #7

maybe a watch for an ip doing regular polling, for a longer period than a human would. :confused:

(Althalus Stenory) #8

They don’t need to do huge amount of queries with discourse, there are rss feeds and json feeds that give everything to whoever want it.

Imho it’s just wasting resources : watching IP will work until that guy change its IP, which is not hard depending where you host your stuff.

(Duo Roman) #9

I really like the option to search for original posts on these duplicate forums after the user edits his previous post on EVE Forum.

(Zarek Kree) #10

I’m not sure I see the harm of 3rd party duplication. I’ve done a lot of searching and I don’t recall it ever being a negative issue for me. And ultimately, I always end up here on the forums. So I think the cost/benefit ratio of something like that is questionable.

(Rivr Luzade) #11

Why should this not be possible? I have found solutions to my questions in old forum threads that were only accessible on Chribba’s page, while search engines would not give any result for the current forum. I don’t see this as a bad thing. Furthermore, less traffic on CCP’s servers is good for their servers because we all know how overworked their hamsters are.

(yellow parasol) #12

This is nonsense and I wonder if you’re OPs alt.

This forum produces less traffic than the old one, due to a more minimalistic design not sending whole pages, and unless they host it on a 386 there is no way anyone needs to care about the hamsters. You don’t understand how any of this works!

The internet thrives on duplicating information and having it spread, that way no information can get lost. The ignorance hiding behind this idea is astonishing!

(Ivory Harcourt) #13

What’s your problem with EVE-Search? Do you even know why it began its existence?

Kids these days really.

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #14

On a related note, has Chribba said that he will continue to provide his duplication of the Eve forums when they cut over to this mess?

(FlipMoe Squad) #15

In the case of abusive or threatening behavior, I believe an archive should be kept…it doesn’t have to be third party. Chribba while an upstanding eve player did it more as a glory hound with his evesearch I believe. I don’t know but you could probably put all the text of the old forums on a writeable blu ray or 2?
Yes…I bought a blu ray writer 12 months ago…don’t laugh. Ill give you my discs ill never use…

(Aradina Varren) #16

So, for the record, you can exclude a URL or keyword from google search results with a dash.


Now exclude certain urls/keywords.

Simply exclude the sites if they cause too many duplicated search results. I generally exclude the old old forums when searching for fits or any information that needs to be up to date by default for example.

(yellow parasol) #17

just limit the time-frame with two simple clicks?