Yeah... No

I try not to be a knee-jerker when it comes to new things… But these new forums… Do kinda suck.

But more importantly, why do I now have to allow scripts (NoScript user here) from a third party ( in order to use the forums? Yet more online tracking. Is it not possible to implement this entirely within the domain?

You’re also making heavy use of remote fonts (blocked by uBlock) which makes the forums look like poodoo if I don’t enable remote fonts (yet another risk vector). RIP web standards.


And why can’t I delete notifications? Seems I can only Archive them.

And why does the interface hijack the CNTL-F key to use the in-forum search instead of the browser search? Is there an option to turn it off?

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You’ll receive no sympathy from forum users here. I raised a similar question previously this year and all I heard were “YOU ALREADY SIGNED OVER YOUR DATA RIGHTS” parrots, all the way down the page, with no real discussion of privacy or security taking place, other than to devalue it.

I am just writing to let you know I share your concerns as CCP outsources and dilutes more and more elements of the overall product.

It’s kind of reaching that point where it is teetering over into “everyone’s a winner!” territory and we all just press a big green money button for that sweet hit of dopamine. Share this moment on Facebook. Thanks for the telemetry!


On chrome everything is ok.

If you don’t know how remove them from ublock, this is your problem not CCP

Becouse discourse is not created by CCP but linked and mentioned corporation.

On Chrome I use SafeScript and yes, even then you have to allow third-party sites in order to access the content on the forums.

You talk about one thing and I about other one.

I just said that on my chrome with almost no extensions, forum don’t change ctrl - f shortcut.

Nowhere did you state that you were using Chrome with no extensions, just that you were using Chrome. Since you were replying to someone who was using extensions in their web browsers, I inferred that you were also using extensions. It wasn’t my intention to misrepresent you, but you did also misrepresent yourself by not clarifying the state of your web browser.

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  • Forums are hosted for us by Discourse, as such some of the scripts needed for the forums are delivered via their CDN.
  • The remote font CSS and files are on our own CDN

Answered in this post, and no option to turn it off.


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