Remote trackers in CCP forums?

(Doublewhopper) #1

Why are there remote trackers embedded in the new forums?

My tracking blocker warns of:

As i block them the forum will not load.

Need answers on why i pay for to be tracked?

(Doublewhopper) #2

This is funny…the forums software CCP uses now displays advertisement for it and shows CCP is unable to control their very own forums software…

How low is this going to go from here?

(Marcus Rintel) #3

Firefox, and uBlock Origin. I have no issues with those and the forums.

(yellow parasol) #4

The last one had google trackers, and no one seemed to care.

(Linus Gorp) #5

All those that do have them blocked by default. :wink:

(Clockwork Robot) #6

I am fairly sure I will see within my lifetime, the advent of phone-ads, whereby you will be required to listen to an ad before your call will connect.

(Sarmatiko) #7

Because EVE forums are now based on Discourse engine and are hosted on Discourse Enterprise CDN.
Blocking whole discourse domain is not a very smart move, because that is not “remote tracker” obviously.

Same with myfonts - you can block them, but most likely this will cause parts of forum design revert to generic fonts, so don’t complain if something went wrong or looks uglier.

(yellow parasol) #8

this has actually been tried already, in some parts of the western world. it happened in a time, when society wasn’t yet degenerated by the “everything for free” mentality, willingly (unknowingly) selling themselves to companies. that wasn’t a thing back then (and it’s not that old, actually). anyhow, it was a trainwreck of an idea. everyone rejected it, because paying for the service is fine. nowadays, though, i wonder if it might not actually work…

(Nora Maldoran) #9

Imagine you need to watch your house burn down while listening to an add instead of talking to your local fire department. Would make an hilarious (running gag) scene in a movie.
That reminds me I need to go watch that one.

(Ptraci) #10

So you just advertised some movie in a post claiming to dislike ads.

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