Prevent ventures from capturing FW plexes

Pretty simple really. Ventures provide a nearly 100% safe way to deplex in FW and only specific fits (maulus navy, faction scram) or gimped fits (double scram) can even hope to tackle them.

This is compounded by the periodic botting fleets using the venture as a nearly safe alternative to a smart bot (just look at the corp “wlrazgan” which is currently hardcore botting the amarr/mil warzone with the dumbest bot (seriously, it’s really dump, warp to plex every 2 minutes dumb).


Yep…seems silly to allow Ventures through the gates…

Ventures are for FW farmers only…

With acceleration gates denying activation if a Warp Core Stabiliser is fitted, I see no reason not to have the same effect for ships that have a native +warp core strength like Venture and DST has.

Without lag plz, or dont touch it at all.

The same way the acceleration gate currently do a ship class check would work. Or it can be the beacon not registering the ships like it doesn’t register pods and shuttles.

I don’t care so much about dst since they’re expensive and I’ll gladly farm 200m ISK killmails that require 2m SPs just to sit in. The problem with ventures is that an untrained alpha can fly one for 200k ISKs.

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