Previous year anniversary capsule skins


I notice that I will get Capsule Capsuleer Day XX Skin just by logging in and it is account bound.

However, I saw that there are previous year capsule skin such as Capsule Capsuleer Day XIX, Capsule Capsuleer Day XVIII and Capsule Capsuleer Day XVII.

Since it is account bound, this means that it is impossible to get the previous anniversary capsule skin?

Thank you.

I believe the ones that are account bound are gone and you will not be able to obtain them.

If they are available in crates you might still be able to get them. It is only recently that CCP has started to account-bound skins straight from the character select screen. Before, they would be redeemed as crates that you can open in-station and you can use the skins.

They should be on the market if thats the case.

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