Previously clicked links do not shade correctly

Links you have already clicked should be shaded more than they currently are. The difference in colors currently isnt enough in my opinion.


Also after using these new forums for the past few days for extended periods of time i am finding that not all forums posts i click get shaded out as already clicked. please fix this as it creates problems.

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Anyone here?

I have taken a screen shot to show you what i mean. The two circled items i have both clicked multiple times. one of them is grayed out and the other is not.

Anyone else have this issue or am i just insane?

Other members in my corp also see this issue

Are you opening the second link in another tab? If yes, refresh the page, does the second link shade correctly then?

What browser are you using (make & version)?

I use Google Chrome. Most of the time i open in a separate tab. Even when i refresh like i did for the picture it doesnt shade correctly. I’m pretty sure the old forums shaded the forum posts even when i opened them in a new tab.

clicked these 3 circled links. refreshed the page each time. 2 of the 3 shaded.

2+ months and no response… hello…

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