Show whether topics are bookmarked or not

(Cristl) #1

Currently the colour for not bookmarked is blue, and for bookmarked it’s blue. This has caused me to not have bookmarked quite a few threads. I appreciate that those who have better vision can more easily distinguish between blue and blue, but it’s pissing my old eyes off a bit.

How about grey for not bookmarked, and bright blue for bookmarked? Or any combination of different colours really.

The same goes for flagging. It’s blue, or slightly brighter blue.

Contrast that with liking a post, where it turns bright pink.

(Morrigan Laima) #2

It’s gray for me if not bookmarked, unless I mouseover the bookmark icon.

(Cristl) #3

This is on mobile. I’ll check desktop later, but I think that’s okay