Price check 220+ million PVP

4,642,204 unallocated SP (31 large injectors’ worth; 102 skill ranks level 0-4, 18 skill ranks 0-5, 22 skill ranks 4-5)
-1.6 sec status
Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 installed
Remap available, 0 bonus remaps banked
Empire standings at -0.79 or better
Angel Cartel standings +3.61
Long history of successful PVP in high, null, wspace, and lowsec
Notoriety of primary corporation may encumber joining large alliances with stringent admission

+5x5 with 5% hardwirings, HS
+4x5 with 3% hardwirings, HS
Full HG Slave with 5% hardwirings, HS
Full HG Crystal with 5% hardwirings, HS
Two +4x2 with trash hardwirings in HS & provi
3x empty in HS market hubs


  • Close to perfect skills for every dread, carrier, and supercar
  • Every freighter & JF, orca, and 2 races’ transports
  • Logi, marauders, blops, CS, HAC, HIC, dic, recon, inty, AF, covops, T3C subsystems, T3D, EAF, and transports 5
  • Guns, missiles, drones trained to specialization 4 with perfect supports
  • Specialization 5 for medium & large short-range weapons (AC, blaster, pulse, HAM/torpedo)
  • Perfect skills for most common rigs
  • Perfect navigation
  • Perfect targeting

Cannot immediately fly (comprehensive list):

  • Caldari & Amarr transport ships
  • ORE ships except Venture, Noctis, Bowhead (cannot fly Rorqual)
  • Monitor
  • Titans

Bad skills for:

  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Leadership, mostly
  • Probing skills are mediocre
  • Hacking/Archaeology
  • Tactical logistics (transfers and triage module)
  • XL cruise missiles are T1
  • ECM
  • Logistics frigates
  • Only level 1 burst projectors i lied they’re level 4
  • Station drivin’
  • Planet touchin’

Contains the following permanent skins:

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paying 60B

no :slight_smile:

You can show off your clones with it has a handy tab for Jump Clones :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is fine though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’d offer 202b for this character

That offer is clearly below the recycle value of the toon.

It’s not actually it’s very close to recycle value, actually slightly above, but hey i was just giving you a fair price for your price check, i was not intent on buying it so much.

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So let me get this right. You want a price check but do not want to give out all information to give an accurate assessment. What was the point in asking for one in the first place?

Apologies, I have been busy. It’s not a definite sell.

Moreover, it’s completely unclear what exactly you’re missing. Pretty much everything is right here. If there was something you wanted, you should have asked for it.


208 billion

Offers exist for 230 billion and up.

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230 would be a very strong offer, IW…

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