WTB 200m+ sp, 1sp=1000isk

More than 200m+ SP

ISK Ready, Show me your eveboard.

Its not 200m sp but very close and probably the best character you will find on here.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Rok_Verohi password 1234

Currently training Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration to level 5 which is 6 days away.

Comes with 1x HG slave with hardwiring 1x HG Snake with hardwiring 1xMG Asklepian with hardwiring and 1x MG slave with hardwiring

Also has great faction standings like caldari state is at 8 and amarr at 7

@Rok_Verohi , thank you,but i dont want it.

keep waiting, and i have 300b for it.

@Rok_Verohi going to hijack this thread a second.

I fixed your skillboard, https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rok_Verohi

Ran into an issue where you have a clone located in a structure you can no longer Dock at, but all fixed!

Hello. For your consideration:

@Iam_Widdershins It seems good,do you have a price?

I don’t have a definite price at this juncture but I am interested in offers.

What about 210b?





Rok whats your price man


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