Price Check 65M SP Toon (Rorq, Thanny, Orca, Obe)

Looking to Sell a capable support toon with over 121 Skill Injectors worth of SP allocated.

Heavy focus on near perfect Orca/Rorq skills.

Capable of solo ratting in -1.0 space in Thanatos [future Nyx toon]

Able to seat and/or effectively fly Freighter/FAX/ and 3-5 races Command Desi’s to include Trig

EveSkillboard -

FYI, if you are going to sell this, which you do have WTS in topic, you need to drop to NPC corp and follow the rest of the rules when posting a character for sale :smiley:

Figured I would if and when I actually saw something worth making me do so, takes a day, but thanks for the tip. You got a price check?


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I’d hope for at least 1B per 1M in SP.

most people go for price of toon minus extraction price… and you can only extract down to 5 mil SP

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42b offer

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