Price Check 65mill sp

Toon (ME) in safe space 0.5 in station (clone bay home system Airaken)
no kill rights
positive wallet
positive security status 4.95
2 bonus remaps (not sure if these pass over?)

eveboard link :

thanks in advance

Your rough extracted value is $55,865,880,840.00 (depends on the price you got/get your extractors at.

You have nice jump skills for the JF skills you have
A pretty big mix of indy/pvp (which some people want)

2 remaps are nice.

Over all Iā€™d imagine you can get 58-60b easily if the buyer wants to use all your SP and not extract. Potentially more if you meet the criteria of a specific buyer.

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Also your DOB of 2004 adds some value for people who are looking for a character with a specific age (which is common)

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Awsome response thanks man yeah i will add all that info into the possible sale in the future thank you

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