Price Check on Wormhole

I’m a newbie and want to know how to price my wormhole.

Some stats:
Class: 4
Anomalies: 25
Planets: 11 (10 POCOs)
Moons: 54
no POS.

2 C3 connections right now.

Some of the most important information to have on a wormhole, and which will significantly affect price, are:

  • Wormhole type (if there is one): Pulsar, Black hole, etc.
  • Wormhole statics: these are wormholes that will always be present in system and always link to a certain type of system (HS/LS/NS/Wormhole of some class)
  • Planet distribution in the system (how many of each planet type, for PI)

“Debris” (abandoned POS, citadels, etc.) will also decrease prices.

the wormholes would go for about… i dont know 10-45 mil? if 50% of the anomlys are data sites its alot\

how do you tell the wormhole type?

I’m having a hard time understanding how you can claim ownership to this wormhole if you don’t even know how to do that - which is something pretty basic. Scanning down a wormhole and jumping in does not mean you own it. If you do own it I would venture that you are going to be evicted long before any sale is finalized.

You can tell the wormhole type by looking up the J number via any number of available sources - dotlan, ellatha, etc…

You should read a little bit more about wormholes. This is friendly advice.

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