Price check

what would i be worth

Not much honestly. Char is unspecialized, doesn’t have a significant amount of SP, no cybernetic V, he’s basically useless as it is. I’ll give 2B for it.

2.5b profit to extract the char down to 5 Mil SP… That base char will net another 2.5b-4b depending on name, buyer, and specialization. You also have high Caldari navy Standings which adds value to people wanting to inject trade skills. As is this char is kind of useless, but you don’t need to buy any skill books for any capital you plan to inject since you already have 4 carrier books injected, and 3 dreads.

I would say take no less than 6bil but shoot for 8-9 bill . This is a very nice starter char for someone wanting to inject a cap alt.

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