Price of Technetium

Considering building a stockpile of Technetium as the price is around the lowest its been all year in anticipation (punt) on a bounce.

What’s the fundamentals behind such a low price? I’m assuming it’s the relative calm PVP/war wise, producing both a lower demand for mats but also the lower risk environment for moon mining escapades. Hisec moon mining running rampant?

Edit: 9.9k isk on the buy side, half what it was a month or so ago.

High sec moons do not produce Technetium.


Well, actually I knew this from the bad old days of tech moons dictating nullsec politics, but clearly my memory isn’t what it used to be!

Anyone else ride this profit train back up? :money_mouth_face:

Look out for my next tip! (j/k)

Necro-ing this thread: somebody should give this bright young man a medal!


Built my stash from 9.9 to 12, sold in low 20s. Should have held out but meh.

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