[pricecheck] 2004 monster pilot 350 mil SP ( 40 mil reallocable )

Finally got tired of hoping that this game will get back anytime soon to what once was, since p2w is becoming more and more relevant, so I am trying to choose between freezing my account for a few years or selling it and transforming everything to isk.


I haven’t been in char trades in a couple of years, so I don’t know how much I could get for this one.

Please do not evemail because I am not logging in anymore, I have uninstalled the client when it reset my credentials for the hundredth time.


its not pay to win, and you have 350M SP, you should have a substantial amount of isk to be able to do anything you want in game.

or did some 5 mil alphas shoot your ship and blow you up.

for 350 M SP, you are possibly looking at 300B

This is a bad time to sell high SP toons, but that toon could bring as much as 400B+ when SP was a bit more expensive. 39M Unallocated on top of 310M SP is quite rare. Also, your characters face says it all. :joy:

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Thank you.

Yes, i think it is very unlikely that there is other character in eve with such an amount of reallocable SPs in this range of total SPs. If anything, it would cost A LOT to buy so many injectors.

Very very nice char, would bid if I had the liquid.

I regretted selling my 3 mains (80m,110m,160m) in 2014 (All of which are now 1-2yr+ inactive! :frowning: ) , I hope you don’t regret selling in the future.

Good luck + Happy holidays :slight_smile:

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That’s a great toon! Imagine and count how many Large Skill Injectors and isks you need to grow a toon like this! I think 350B is a good price for it. Good luck!

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