Primary and secondary orbit range

Hey, what if there was another button added that allowed you to set a second distance to orbit at.


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I wouldnt be surprised if people on the forum and people in charge at CCP dont like this idea because all they care about is marketing and an idea like this cannot be marketed. So it will never happen despite how useful it may be. Sad

There’s an orbit button? :smiley:

You know, you’ve put the same message on every suggestion you’ve posted, but you haven’t realized that the entire point of a business is to make money. CCP needs to profit to keep running. Also, players won’t like the ideas because they just might not seem practical for what they’re doing. It’s not some grand conspiracy to thwart your ideas from getting into the game, it’s just players not seeing your ideas as practical

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Of all the ideas you could have chosen to write that in you chose the one that seems the most practical and useful. The primary point of a business is not to “Make Money” (A thief makes money), a business purpose is to PRODUCE VALUE for others none the less.

…they work to make money. Sure, a lot of the devs probably are really passionate, but passion doesn’t pay bills or feed employees, it doesn’t keep servers online.

passion doesn’t pay bills or feed employees, it doesn’t keep servers online.

Then what does?

Money does. They work to make money. At the end of the day, the goal is to keep the lights on, which means they need to make money. Therefore, the end goal is to make money

the end goal is to make money

And passion wont do that? The most successful people and companies might disagree.

I’m not saying passion isn’t a good thing, or that the devs don’t have a lot of passion. I’m saying that the devs can’t always listen, and that they have other priorities

Like what? Some gimmicky content that the marketing team told them to implement?

Probably attempting to overhaul the FW system, from what I can tell from recent updates. Also, I should point out that the message you keep sending comes off as you trying to blame other people, instead of accepting criticism. Your ideas aren’t bad, and a few are pretty good, it’s just you come off as butthurt by preemptively blaming people

As long as marketing people are in charge they can overhaul FW forever and never come up with something valuable. The worst thing is that during fanfest the marketing people arent even the ones presenting, its the devs who reluctantly made the content as instructed, they are the ones that have to face the players for some reason even tho they didnt make any of the decisions. Im angry now

Whoa, chill out Dchill.

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thats the ONLY point of business oO

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As a healthcare provider, i have the passion to help people, but as a business owner, i do it to make money as well as help people. It doesnt hurt to have passion for what you do, but if you are a crappy dev, or healthcare provider whatever, passion isnt going to make you better

The worst part of this idea is that you immediately assume that this won’t happen because lolmarketing. +1.

youre D’Angry now xd

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I have to say, I can’t see any scenario in my current EVE activities which would benefit from the change you propose, Dchill.

You do post quite a lot. Is there some over-arching purpose to all this? Are you dissatisfied with the game or just trying to be helpful? You know, you could cut out the middle-men/women and go straight to CCP. You rarely appear to accept the advice of more experienced players, for example.

Regarding comments from others about CCP’s being a business, I don’t care one whit about CCP’s bottom line - or the bottom line of any commercial entity, for that matter.

If the product I want is available at a price I’m willing to pay, fine; if not, I’ll go elsewhere or go without. Others may differ in their views, of course…

The ability to change your orbit distance quickly is already in the client.
Right click on whatever you’re orbiting, orbit at: choose your orbit distance.
Right click the orbit button in your selected items window, set a new default orbit distance.