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I created Hans.Bolo is my first avatar. Now I have created an alt. I use the alt exclusively. So three questions.

  1. Should I delete Hans? 2. Can I make the alt the owner of my account? 3. SHOULD I do that?

How did you create the alt: New account or just the second char slot?

If you created the second char, only one of your chars will be skilling actively. The char with the most skillpoints is your “main” char, no matter when created. You should not delete Hans, because I like the name and you surely will find some use later.
So if Brynhild shall be your main Char, Hans has to pause his skill queue, so Brynhild can skill. (Or you buy MCT, but for new players that’s a waste of money until you know what to do).

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Thanks for the responses you have provided. I like Hans.Bolo as well. However after I created Brynhild I quickly latched onto her. She is named after Brynhild, the most famous of the Valkyrie. Her mission in Eve Online is clear. I just wish I could do a better job recreating her looks.

To: Boldly Go
As to Brynhild’s looks this is what I am striving for:

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Hey @Brynhild_Seip - Do you want a Women’s Genolution Combat Suit? I’ll give you one if you want it.

Keep your other character for now, at least. It will just sit on your account doing nothing until you maybe want to turn it into a specialised character. Your account is seperate from the characters on that account. That’s why CCP goes by the account name.

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You’ll need a character resculpt certificate to change things like skin tone and bone structure, but you can change hair, makeup, clothes (some clothes are free, some you have to buy from the in-game market), poise, background, and lighting for free by clicking on the T-shirt icon on the station services panel.

I faffed about for 5 min and got this, so you could probably do better with a little more effort.

Also, I managed to snap a shot while the character was blinking, but I’m not sure if that will carry over to the final photo, as I didn’t want to override my own character portrait.

Hi Xuxe, Brynhild will be my primary character as long as she survives. I understand she cannot die? So, sure send me the WGCS. Thanks very much.

Ok, it’ll be contracted to you and it will be in the Amarr VIII (Oris) Emperor Family Academy Station.

No, characters do not die. They transfer the character’s mind into an empty medical clone body if your current body gets killed. You then become that clone body until you get killed and the process repeats. “Magically” cosmetic items you have on your character also don’t get destroyed when your clone body does…

Victor and so

@Brynhild_Seip - So it’s been a week and I noticed you haven’t accepted the contract for the suit. Is there a problem or do you no longer want it??

…so be it…

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