Princess Aiko Memorial Statue

Let me guess - somebody didn’t buy his mining permit and his hulk went BOOM BOOM?

You have some photos of the event for your subjects Princess?

Trust me - you don’t want to see the Donkey photos. Its NOT what you think.

Princess, I know that you are currently offline right now so I know it is safe to mine.

/ps what exactly did you mean when you evemailed “No. Mining is bad for you.”

I came to this thread title because I believed a player left the game or the planet - That does not seem to be the case.

This post should be closed a memorial statue is a statue in memory of someone after they have gone , now I do try my best to make her go but she’s still around even after my best efforts

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Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite. Princess Aiko, best known for bestowing the blessing of void ammo on those who need it. She should be granted the Nobel Peace price in perpetuity.