Princess Aiko Memorial Statue

Dear friends, I now tell you of my DREAM.

The tiny European republic of Burkastan refused to allow woman’s rights, and none other than Princess Aiko herself led a small group of proud women who dared to log in and gank their stupid miner boyfriends. In response, the antiganker Prime Minister of Burkastan tried to gatecamp a small high security system in order to prevent “women’s liberation trolls” from gaining access to “Burkastani soverign Highsec space”.

Princess Aiko therefore vowed to ensure that all Burkstani women have the RIGHT to contraceptives and to enjoy the company of any strong ganker men (or women) they desire, and she jumped past the gatecamp in her nimble Magnate, before burning a series of deep safes across the system with her trusty microwarpdrive, which she named Hilmar’s Pride. Despite the opposition of a crackteam of Russian bittervets with a Stratios and a cloaky Loki, Princess Aiko maintained the freedom bounces across the system and the Prime Minister was forced to announce that, “At least in outer space, women are the equal of any man!”

The UN Secretary General invited Princess Aiko to NEW YORK CITY where she gave a wonderful speech and was awarded the MEDAL OF FREEDOM. Afterward, CCP put a statue of Princess Aiko at one of her deep safes, as a sign that they recognize her heroic efforts on behalf of the beautiful women of Burkastan.


Yes, if it is a statue of an operational hulk. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

they say that they fight for women’s rights, but do not respect human rights, and they use violence to silence those who are deprived of these rights… then they make videos and tell some nonsense with cynical smirks about some game , the delighted Gallentine audience applauds… such things only in EVE Online…

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Oh dear Princess, to view your statue would be a enchanting moment for us all.

Please let it become anchored in space just how you Princess Aiko are anchored into our hearts.


You’ve got that sinking feeling?
Whoa, that sinking’ feeling…
You’ve got that sinking feeling -
Shits all gone…gone…gone…wooooooh.

  • righteous

Feels like you’re talking about mus… never mind.

We talked about this. That was not a statute…and we talked about what you consider a “deep safe”. Those blue pill boosters are a hellva drug, I think its the biology skill? that improves the after effects?

Alko is actually the child of two donkey herders. They let her out of the special room for a few hours each day and everyone sorta just lets the “princess” banter on. Its easier to just let the banter happen than to explain the complexities of donkey logistics to a bantering fool who just recently learned the Amarrian alphabet.

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A deep safe, the second best place to put something you don’t want people to see…
Congratulations, I guess.

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What the f am I reading lmao

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I think a statue of a Venture wreck with noob fittings would be rather apt.

Ô, Princess. Shall my eyes be granted a glimpse of your majesty, it would be like sunshine on my heart for a thousand years!!

We can have lots of fun with statues o7


I do honour the brilliance of the princess’ proposal.
A permanent memorial to impermanence has just the right flavour of irony that I enjoy.

It would be delicious to see Hisec bear the brunt of such Eventful labour and suffering.

Even Aiko’s critics couldn’t deny her royalty, whilst they attempted to denigrate her pedigree and compared her to tyrants of the past, in every case they conceded that she was in fact a trueborn Princess and the High Queen. As Wah Huren remarked, “She was the Queen Victoria of Highsec, and the Godmother of New Eden.”

that statue could be reprocessed and just the giant rump part would give enough trit to build 100 catas… :smiley:

You guys are just jealous that CCP gave me a big statue, and I got a free trip to the BIG CITY.


The victory for women’s rights and equality is admirable indeed, but the struggle for other disparaged and disenfranchised groups continues to this day. Fortunately, a little birdie has told me that Princess Aiko is a shoo-in for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. In her generosity, Aiko has committed the money from the award toward the purchase of four Russian surplus Mi-24 Hind choppers, which will be a massive civil rights victory for people who self-identify as owning attack helicopters, which will be used to crush very unwelcome, socially-disruptive, and universally-despised political dissent against her just and fair stewardship.

Praise Aiko!

I’ve earned it.

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Whatever you smoking it must be good stuff. Can I have some?