Private Sale

Private sale of Six pilots to @ritek

The six characters are functionally Identical (Barbados is a little less than the others) and 6.3m exhumers iV without kill rights. all in high sec, all ccp rules apply.

All confirm with the six and deliver tomorrow, when @ritek Confirm the tarde and payment.

Yes, i am interested in purchase the Six Exhumer Pilot, as we spoke in private chat. I understand you can deliver two daily for the CC limits.

I sent in a minute an eVemail with the accounts, and the ISK when your characters confirm the trade here.

I enter with all The characters in less than an hour, send them the ISK and the Account name.

By the way, i sold Myself one moment ago, then you can contact Me in @Andorra_Miner

I Accept the Trade, will be the last To be delivered.

I accept The trade, i am a Bit lower of the others, my cpu managemente V is not finished (less than a day to be identical).

I accept the trade.

I accept the trade

I accept the trade.

Yes, i accept the trade, if u have any doubt.

Today I deliver Denmark, Eritrea And Fiji. Please send me a Mail when you receive them, to pass you the Corporation as requested.

I hope deliver tomorrow Andorra, Barbados and Canada. Note, Barbados is now same than the others.

Already delivered Canada and Andorra.

Accept the corp with the character and i leave and transfer Barbados in the Night.

Received, transfer begin in ten minutes.

Thanks fr the business.

All pilots received. Thanks

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