Private Station Scam Attempt - How it works, how to avoid it

Now that’s a great idea. Will keep it in mind though sadly I doubt after this post they will try it again with me.

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People that make isk by trading, normally end up buying/selling stuff from/to unknowns all the time. Especially when you advertise/talk in game trade channels. He convoed me (in my post I even say that I was wondering if I had engaged in some chat with him prior to him convoing me) and we were undergoing normal trade talks, which again is how business is done when you trade.

The contract came later when we agreed upon a quantity and price, so definitely not “out of the blue”


They didn’t warp to warp gates, they warped to Safe Spots. Autopilot does not warp you to safe spots.

I don’t make accusations like this lightly, but I saw what I saw, and its not some unknown voodoo magic that you can’t explain, input broadcasting has been something used in eve for a long long time. Had I recorded it instead of taking screenshots, I would have made a ticket and reported him for it. Alas, he got lucky that I was too amused by what I was seeing to think about doing so.


New players are buying 30 skill injectors at a time?


My case was 30 Injectors as I normally buy bulk, but they were selling single injectors as well. The point of the post was to warn people, current, new and returning about the modus operandi that could trick them into buying smoke.

I don’t understand how people are getting hung up on silly arguments like “there are no player owned stations, so you should say structures not stations” or “new players don’t buy 30 injectors”… le sigh


Because it’s dishonest. You specifically mentioned protecting new players by reporting on this particular adverse game mechanic. That sets the narrative for more debates about how the “poor rookies” are being targeted by these scams (among other hostile actions, like ganking, etc.), apparently losing their tens of billions of rookie ISK that they somehow possess.

You can just report on the event/game mechanic without shoehorning ideology into it, or be prepared to be criticized on that aspect if you do.

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Nice… thanks for the post and good job on figuring out the scam… Hopefully this will help others from being scammed.

Also just ignore those who post condescending replies, they’re not worth the time or hassle…


This scam is actually months old. I heard of it last year sometime maybe even older then that.

I’m too much of a small fry to be looking to trade that much isk. 26 bil isk now that’s them getting greedy and stupid.

decided to investigate further

Freeport Unions is the current corporation in question I’m assuming

their kill board

As far as I can tell they have paid for their attempted scams but I have no confirmed successful scams that I can find currently.

Yes it can

Fleet warp would look the same as long as all characters have the same navigation skills and that can warp to an available bookmark.

Lol after reading this thread, I’ll play a waa-waa sound on the smallest violin :violin: possible, dedicated especially for people like you that manage to miss the entire point of the thread, choosing to die on the dumbest of hills.

“Nwebros don’t have 26b to buy injectors so let’s ignore the actual problem pointed out and focus on how you are the real deceiver by saying this is for new players reeee”… as long as the price of the thing sold exceeds 800m, this scam is profitable, so even just a one injector scam would be enough to make this profitable.

This dude got greedy trying to pull a 30 injectors scam, but it does not mean they can’t try to do it for less or for different kinds of assets.

In fact I would say that trying to do it with injectors is probably the more risky way for the scammers, because if you manage to remote activate the injectors they just lost a station…woops sorry to all Mr. Webster’s out there… I meant a “PlAyEr OwNeD sTrUCtUrE”… and they would also be out X number of injectors that they sold for cheap.

Anyways, this is good info for any player that is unaware of this type of scam. Who cares if they are new or old players, the more people know about it, the more can avoid it.


You seem to be upset by the presence of scamming in EVE Online.

Any particular reason why?

That’s the best bait you can come up with to try and continue trolling?



I agree with Destiny here.

First, I agree it’s not a problem that scamming exists in EVE online.

In fact, the existence and tolerance for scams is part of the reasons why I love this ruthless universe, as well as the community around it where people warn each other for new scams, like we see in this thread. I get to see a new ingenious trick and it seems to me the scam isn’t even infallible, as people could immediately transfer to asset safety if the structure hp isn’t set low enough, or people could gank the last % of health if the structure hp is set low enough. (I mean 1% of an Athanor is only two Tornado shots right? And then you can loot what’s left of 30 LSI from the wrecks! Sounds like some risk on the scammer’s side to me!)

Situations like this scam create opportunities, stories, they make EVE feel alive. What more could we wish for from an open world sandbox MMO?

Second, I agree that this scam isn’t a threat for rookies.

At least it’s not a threat for most rookies, because this type of scam has a bare minimum of 1 billion ISK for the sacrificial Athanor hull that it needs to surpass to be profitable. Add all the effort of setting it up and talking someone into falling for the scam, and they’ll probably do this for no less than dozens of billions. With such a price, the target audience of this scam isn’t rookies, but gullible veteran players with enough ISK in wallet to be worth scamming. Okay, and perhaps gullible wallet warrior rookies too, but they’ll figure out money doesn’t buy success in EVE sooner or later, so this is more of an ‘advanced tutorial’ for them.

Normal rookies aren’t affected by this scam.


Ok so anyways…

So anyways your earlier statement was incorrect:

you wouldn’t make this setup and sacrifice an Athanor for a measly 2b profit.


How’s my statement incorrect?

I wouldn’t do it as I make my isk other ways, but there’s people that would gladly blow up a 700-800m station they own for a 2b scam… as it’s still a net profit.

So again, your point is?


Well said!


That’s why I just don’t trust ANY structures. Well except TTT maybe but not really, still sus.

but…I don’t really want to ignore the OP…
Reading about scams, how folks deal with them, and many other aspects of separating eggers from their golden pixels is interesting.

'cause…you know…

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