Pro-Triglavians should not be able to enter Edencom Fortress systems

I’ve been saying this for … a year now? … hell, I don’t know …
… but this latest change, aka establishing them as an empire faction …
… pretty much cements it.

Think about it.

It’s literally Red vs. Blue.
Trigs vs. EDENCOM.
Just on a much, much bigger scale.

Still doubting?
Check the triglavian standings window!
Agents and missions are definitely coming. :slight_smile:

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actually they do… you know missions.,. belts… combat anoms etc…

Except it isn’t, because they’re completely destroying that dynamic by having drifter and rogue drone kills give you both Trig and Edencom standings. The only thing unintended about the drone structures was how much standings they gave, not that they gave it for both factions. CCP doesn’t want to bother iterating on Edencom held systems, they’d rather destroy the player-supported conflict between the two factions because I guess rogue drones are suddenly a big enough threat to unite two sides that have been at bitter war between each other for months.

Oh, and isn’t Trig space cool? You guys should go to Trig space. Precursors are the best!

But will I need to worry about my drifter/drone standings next year? Maybe they will get their own cool regions that I will be locked out of.

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From what I could tell, CCP anticipated that there would be barely anyone supporting Edencom this year, so they might as well just plug that hole so we’re all forcibly grouped together doing PvE content.

(as a serious answer, they probably wouldn’t do this anyways even if they had rewarded edencom players properly, rogue drones are basically Eve’s version of wild animals and drifters are omnicidal maniacs that IIRC hate all capsuleers, so it wouldn’t make any sense to join them)

So what IS the difference between a Sleeper and a Drifter, other than the fact that Drifters are almost unbeatable?

I’m not that well versed on drifter stuff as I was unsubbed for a long period when they were the dominant threat, so someone else could probably explain it a lot better than I could. From what I understand though, sleepers were always present in wormhole space, as they were an offshoot of the Jove that explored it. They were “asleep” more or less hence the name, but our presence there woke them up and now they’re the rats you fight in W-space. Drifters I believe were the result of CONCORD prodding around in space somewhere and happening upon them, although I could be wrong because I believe they and the trigs were discovered through similar means. I’m not sure what their origins are, I just know that they’re extremely dangerous and shoot just about everything.

If you wanted a more accurate reply, I’m sure there’s someone that browses the Eve Fiction boards that could tell you much more than I could.

Actually they don’t because they don’t take over systems, destroy stars and kill planet ecosystems.

That sounds more like the Empires

For invaders the Trigs certainly have all their bases covered.

What I wonder is, what now? What is the advantage of being involved in this content?

That Trig space is so full of money it is ridiculous. You don’t even need to shoot anything - the NPCs shoot each other and leave their loot and wrecks strewn everywhere.

It would be fun for there to be certain NPC’s from both sides that flew and were fit like solo PvP ships, kind of like sophisticated clone soldiers.

Or like the burner mission bosses.

Trig stealth bomber wings :boom:

Ah yes.

And by that logic, edencom should not enter triglavian space

But npc and pro edencom player do right, so we do the same

We get blapped by the gatecamps there.

Also we have to go to Fortresses to grind standings…