Pro-Triglavians should not be able to enter Edencom Fortress systems

In a couple of years, CCP will forget all about the Triglavians, too.

Oh yeah, totally agree. Once theyve finished spewing money at it itll be abandoned to rot

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Will CCP give me back the skills I trained for them???

Oh dont confuse ships with the whole lore stuff.

Those ships cost money to fly, so CCP will not forget those lol.

I expect a hilarious rollercoaster of nerf/buff/nerf from CCP on these and EDENCOM for many years to come


I was being sarcastic. :smirk:

On this, I wholeheartedly agree. More salt! :joy:


Sure, when they give back the skills for Research Project Management.

Except for that it is treated differently. An FW person is locked out from systems and stations not under their control. This is already a nice precedent for treating invaders as such. CCP just needs to apply this logic for empire space against Trigs. So, in essence, Trig invaders are treated differently than other formal invaders, and that for no good reason … except for pandering to these incompetent rejects.


Ironic that the space that was fought for PVP has now been turned into carebearland. Sure, you can still gank people in there, but in order to even have access you need to PVE (grind standings), and then, how many targets are you even going to get?

Imagine trying to get a fleet together with other players, if everybody has to have +5 Trig standings.

How do you even get Trig standings anymore? (Excluding the current Rogue Drone exploit).

Fly to trig space and blow up EDENCOM, drifters, or drones. There are a ton of NPCs out there.

What do you mean by Trig space? I’ve been living next to a Minor Victory and since the last update, there are no sites that have EDENCOM ships anymore. Honest question, I’d like to increase pro-Trig standings but I honestly have no idea how I’d approach this apart from welping Corvettes. Checked out Kybernaut Discord but they also indicate there’s no content for a solo player to actually obtain the required standings. A fleet can obv. just shoot at EDENCOM wherever they are found.

I’m convinced at this point that they just want to scrap the whole Trig/EDENCOM war dynamic and unite us against the Drifters, or something stupid like that. We had our three months of player conflict, now we’ve all got to unite to shoot some NPCs. Never mind the fact that there’s no real reason why we’d suddenly be united. It’s not like there were actual players running for EDENCOM anyways.

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At the same time saying that getting derived standings with both is unintended.

Even if they know what they are doing, CCP have managed to prove beyond a shadow that actually communicating with their customers and players is just practically beyond them.

In the midst of all this confusion, what does Aurora have to say about it?

A “witty” tweet about screwing over WHs with no content either.

Its just so bad, Im literally playing another game rather than be kept in the dark then told what I just did was an exploit even though the game was encouraging me to do it!


I mean Pochven. There was a bunch of stuff in Pochven to shoot at that would have boosted Trig standing, although it would be much better to get at least slightly Trig-positive before going there. I am not sure though, there may be a problem with the respawn rate, because the systems are looking pretty much empty now.

Ah yes, but isn’t that a bit circular logic? You’re basicly telling me to “enter Pochven so you can get Trig standings so you can enter Pochven” :rofl:

I guess you’d advise me to use one of those new WH’s or those new filaments? Does anyone know if they drop in the Abyss?

Do whatever you want. I don’t care. The standings requirements are total crap garbage - I’m not advising you of anything.

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I’m just interested in the mechanics. I agree with you on the standings requirements being crap. I would like to increase them to see how those systems deleveop, but if it’s another case of “go to dangerous space and risk an expensive ship that can run site X for a microscopic increase of Y” then it is highly unlikely I will actually go do it.

Would of been 10x more fun if you got rid of all the npcs, and made it a faction you could join. When you log in you had to pick. Then there would be control points in every system, and edcon or what ever could flip low sec to high sec, and trig could flip high sec to low sec. Just imagine the chaos haha, which I thought was the point. Thier verison is just easily ignored, I am newly back but I didn’t even know any of this even existed, and once I figured out what it was I just avoided it.

Now if I could join in on flipping low sec to high sec I def would of joined in on that pvp. As it stands now I’m just gonna ignore it till they are done, because random gates being locked for 40 mins till I fall asleep, and high powered npcs is just not fun for me.


I’ve been saying this for … a year now? … hell, I don’t know …
… but this latest change, aka establishing them as an empire faction …
… pretty much cements it.

Think about it.

It’s literally Red vs. Blue.
Trigs vs. EDENCOM.
Just on a much, much bigger scale.

Still doubting?
Check the triglavian standings window!
Agents and missions are definitely coming. :slight_smile:

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