Probe Strength

How much probe strength is needed to find wormholes? Do you need different amount of probe strength to find wormholes in High, Low, Null and WH space?

Once you jump into the hole, be sure to announce yourself and your intentions.

Its part of the WH code.


Don’t fool noobs, please.

But a chat with WH residents indeed do help much, so contacting is a good idea. There’s many helpful mechanics tips.

If you use T1 probes in a T1 probe ship, scanning down WHs should be no problem. Get rid of “civillian” stuff though.

Fool? What fool the truth?

He just needs to simply announce himself in every WH. Its only good manners chap.

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It is more like the lower your probe strength, the more annoying and time-consuming it is to scan things down. There are some kinds of signatures that you can only pinpoint with a high probe strength, but wormholes are pretty easy to scan. You will know if you fail to scan them down- you will see them, but not be able to get to 100%.

I sometimes have had to find my way out from wormholes, through multiple layers, with a probe strength of 60 and haven’t had any problems finding any of them. I think you could likely go a bit lower than that. But it is a lot less annoying to do if you have, say 80 or higher strength.

(Also, I assume this way probably obvious- but no, do not announce yourself when you enter a WH- never post in local in a WH unless you are really sure of what you’re doing)

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It was still funny though! :grin:

I don’t remember, are sig’s in a wh harder to scan down? I used my scout alts so I had good skills before trying it. I would suggest practicing on finding wh’s and sig’s to make isk from as well in hs until he has enough practice to live through the ordeal.

Worm Holes were always the “monster in the closet” for me when I started. :japanese_ogre: Turns out that if you stay on your toes, it’s a ton-o-fun and made me rich.

I hope the op has fun exploring!

If someone is chatting in every wh, this player must have fun exploding, too :wink:

But well, for the inhabitants that sounds like a bait, anyway. Perhaps it’s worth a try to get in touch.

That’s a myth. Everyone knows WHers are polite and friendly. They are like the Hobbits of space.

Simply introduce yourself and they’ll plop out that warm welcome. The combat probes and cloaky ships are merely for your own safety! WHs are full of danger after all and they merely want to keep you safe.

And what is more safe than being surrounded by cloaked ships bristling with weapons?

They ARE like hobbits. I’m thinking Gollum type Hobbit-like.

No no, not at all!

Why Wingspan delivers fine goods everywhere in J-space!

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To extend this metaphor. By all means announce yourself to Gollum. Just make sure you have the Ring on at the time.

Hmmm…maybe cloaking in Eve, like putting on the Ring, should make you “visible” to the Great Eye, whatever THAT is in Eve.

Wingspan’s old videos are SO much fun. You just refreshed an old Eve dream of mine. Black ops. Bombers ( but I like the range of torps), Blockade runners with non-covert frig hulls and fits. Form up, fit, VIOLENCE!! Everybody goes to Zkill Valhalla.

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