Problem of tactical overlay disappearing every session change

I’m having difficulty resolving a problem wherein every time I have a session change my tactical overlay disappears. Here’s the catch: I have two accounts and I have them linked in the launcher so I can close the client and launch the other seamlessly or multibox if needed. The problem only affects one of the accounts (not this account/character) and it occurs whether I’m running just it or both, it doesn’t seem to matter. This has led me to believe it’s a settings issue, but after spending a lot of time exploring that theory, I’ve come to believe its something to do with a program folder where information about HUD states are stored for each character. Any advice?


I don’t know if this will help - Have you tried clearing the game cache for the one with the problem? There is a button in the ingame settings under the Reset tab.

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Like Bars’ helpful pictures show, you could try setting up client profiles. I have two profiles, one for my main account, one for my account on the secondary screen. This way I can change UI settings for one account that persist but do not affect the other account.

Thanks for the assist folks, I’ll try that tonight and report.

TLDR: Change your camera settings to Tactical Camera

I had the same problem on a new account, and I think it might be tied to camera settings. I actually noticed at one point that neither was selected/blue. So, I clicked on Tactical Camera and then -boom- no more problems.

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