Problems getting Pyfa and Eve O Preview to work

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Returning player after 4 years. I bought a refurbished computer and windows is not activated. Could this be my problem? Alt tab works for switching clients but that sucks. I used to have a switcher that worked great but its not around anymore. I know about sso but cant get it to load both characters into Pyfa. thanks for any advice.

(Do Little) #2

For the time being at least, Microsoft prefers that you run Windows 10 un-activated than switch to Linux and the limitations are mostly cosmetic.

In pyfa, you need to close the browser window before switching accounts - it won’t automatically take you back to the login screen when adding a new character - convenient if you have multiple characters on the account.

If you run Eve in windowed mode and ungroup your taskbar icons you can effectively use the taskbar as a client switcher.

These are suggestions - my Windows is activated so I don’t know if they’ll work in your environment.

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