Problems on Launching from Launcher

Hi all, someone can help me with this problem?

after my last update on Windows 11 version 22h2 did yesterday i can’t start the game anymore…
i get no errors, i click play on launcher and start doing something (using loglite too) but nothing happen, the game won’t start, tried with launch group too nothing, with admin privilege nothing, tried starting evefile.exe directly and works, but after i put my credential told me wrong version (of exe i think) and so needed to close the exe

now doing verify but i’m not sure it can resolve the situation, any suggestion is really appreciated, thk

Sadly - no helpful suggestions; but I’m having exactly the same issues - which look like they might be related to 22H2 (sadly I can’t rollback to check - though if that is an option for you it might be worth a try?)

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