Producer's Letter - From Uprising to New Conquests

The launch of Uprising saw emblems become available on over 100 ships, with a further 186 new ships added on 15 December. We will continue to roll out emblems for more ships with the next batch planned for later this quarter. You can also expect even more radical customization options in the future - from peacocking your killmarks to marking your space and citadels!

Let’s hope that these coming customizations are not as underwhelming and outright disappointing as the emblems. On a lot of ships, these are too small, too hidden, too much obscured and definitely not a good showcase for the aging corp logo creation system.

Every item destroyed requires replacement, driving industry and mining - the backbone of New Eden.

To really follow through with this claim, please remove Sunesis, Gnosis and Praxis from the game. Praxis and Gnosis are a ridiculously bad actor for Industry by preventing thousands of BS and BC from being built and destroyed and thus metric crap tons of materials from being gathered and transformed.

We much prefer these high-value sites in areas of substantial risk, rather than having highly defensible systems.

This is going to show whether CCP has learned how to deal with players gaming the system. I already see a ton of issues with that approach in sov null sec.

Thanks to player feedback there have been several improvements, new features, and fixes made in the process. Expect to see more improvements and a full launch later this quarter bringing with it a full release of multiple overviews and more features.

There are still hundreds of painpoints that make Photon considerably inferior to the old UI, and CCP is only working at a snail-pace to remove them. As long as I find dozens and dozens of old and new issues with every new release, Photon is hardly ready for full release without requiring people to compromise their gameplay experience and UI experience in bad ways.


Frostpacker was pulled away from a mining expedition in lowsec after the forum siren alerted us to this thread with that ridiculous request of retiring the Sunesis, Gnosis and Praxis from Service in New Eden.

Not only does that request which Paradeo Industries had made on this thread is seen as some single minded zeal to stop crime it doesn’t point out the important role where the Gnosis is a versatile Battlecruiser designed for exploration in hostile space. Extremely versatile, and the first Battlecruiser that an Alpha State Capsuleer can fly.

Do not fulfill this request to remove those hulls, clearly this thread was a single minded attempt to win.


Not only does that request which Paradeo Industries had made on this thread is seen as some single minded zeal to stop crime it doesn’t point out the important role where the Gnosis is a versatile Battlecruiser designed for exploration in hostile space. Extremely versatile, and the first Battlecruiser that an Alpha State Capsuleer can fly.

Then limit them to Alphas. As you can see in the zkill link, they are not used for that purpose. They are used to replace all sorts of other BC, faction BC, even T2 BC and can do many things better than the other BC. This is not helpful for the game, and it is not in line with the claim.

Come to think of it: That would actually be a very good idea if it remains contained to a small number of things. Alpha specific ships from SOCT so that alphas and new players can actually use cheap D/BC/BS to get hooked, but once they go over 5M SP or go Omega, they should not be able to use them anymore. If that limitation was in place, they could very well remain as versatile and powerful as they currently are.

Players are required to make conscious decisions about which tools to use for which task. The SOCT line currently subverts this idea by allowing the wide-spread use of ships that have massive tank, massive utility, massive ewar capabilities, scanning capabilities, boosting capabilities, mining capabilities on par with barges and expedition frigates, ridiculous DPS, speed, range and so on. That there are more destructive Gnosis interactions than Drekavak, Harbinger, Hurricane and Ferox combined is a problem. SOCT ships are a problem that needs to be solved.


There are actual reasons for such ships and why they were added and Faction War should now decide the fate of Industry and not the other way round.

Which reason for their introduction trumps the need to use more minerals to build and destroy other BC? Which reason trumps the basic gameplay principle of requiring conscious decision-making on which tool to use instead of using a jack of all trades, master of all? Which reason trumps the realization of making industry matter more by allowing it to build more actual BC as compared to providing a BPC that you turn into a ship for 1 Trit?

@Dyver_Phycad Good post. I couldn’t agree more.

Again. I agree.
Good idea.

Ridiculous indeed. Noted with the rest of the ridiculous things to add onto the “CCPlease fix” list.

Most of the time I usually agree with what you post. However this is not one of those times.

Those ships are just fine, especially for newer players. If I remember correctly, those ships are only gifted during the Capsuleer Day event.

If anything, CCP could make those ships only Alpha rewards and give Omega accounts something different, like maybe some Pirate ships.


A limitation to alphas is what I suggested further down. By existing, these ships also worsen the experience for new players and alphas because measurably fewer minerals are consumed to build ships that new players could mine, refine and sell.

As long as only new players or alpha chars use these ships, they would be sorta fine. But at the moment, most of these ships are definitely not used by neither new players nor alphas. They are being used as ridiculously cheap substitutes for more expensive/less versatile ships that require actual work, materials and time to build and decisions to be made when it comes to what to use. A gas mining, shield and mining boosting, cargo fitted, ECM burst using Gnosis is simply better than a Prospect or Barge, for instance. And cheaper. That is a problem.

Naturally, this is only one small part where CCP needs to put some work and effort in to make the game better.

You want to limit some overpowered ships to only alpha pilots? The problem with those ships is that they are easier to get into and yet better than most of their racial competitors. Limiting them to alpha won’t fix that.


“It’s an incredibly thrilling time to be a capsuleer in New Eden as we embark on a new year in EVE Online. The frontlines have been buzzing with activity and some big shifts are happening in the political landscape. Since the launch of the Uprising expansion in November 2022, the activity in New Eden has exceeded our wildest expectations with active player counts swelling since release and - more importantly - pilots being more active in space. Particularly notable has been the sharp 75% increase in PvP kills in lowsec as well as the 11% PvP kill increase in highsec despite the additional restrictions on ganking and changes to Abyssal Deadspace following the release. This has pushed industry and mining significantly, with navy ship production rising 14,709% and capital manufacturing seeing a 34% bump!”

Id like to know a bit more about these capital manufacturing numbers compared to 2016-2020ish. Cause I am in null and capitals basically serve no purpose other than to defend your own space and do crabs. No one is offensive with them(maybe on small scale yes) but caps are so crazy expensive and so easily counterable by sub cap fleets i think we would be seeing less manufacturing as less people are forward with them and dying. Please make caps useful again in pvp, or we are just going to continue to see someone field a capital and just have a sub cap fleet respond to it instead of another cap.

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We see the part where it suggests the possible gap to Nulsec Capitals becoming shorter and hopefully brings a strong push to bring large ships to small battles.

Our ambition has been to ease the pathway for new recruits to become battle-hardened veterans and contribute to the battles raging across New Eden.

i would love to see more cap fights, but why in the world would i bring a ship that costs 8 bil when the enemy just responds with a fleet that only costs 2-3 bil and wipes your cap out and your sub cap fleet.

The current costs of those ships is due to the time it requires to replace.

That easing the pathway should focus on shortening the time.

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It will make them unavailable for Omegas who are the people who use them the most. That alone will fix the massive overuse of these ships. Plus, Alpha skills are limited so that they cannot use the full potential of these ships, but they are still strong enough to be a very powerful and versatile choice for them. And alphas have a little advantage over Omegas with them.

Not really, it will just force people to run an alpha alt to use the massively overpowered ships.

There’s no point having alpha if they then get given ships that allow them to do crazy stuff with no skills. If anything I’d go the other way and add higher skill requirements to unlock their role bonuses and traits.


WHy do these post turn into fights over whos right whos wrong

Sadly all player who are in alliances can’t participate in it!

Ironically, if only you’d bother to actually read the post this thread is about, you’d learn this is something CCP intends to change soon.