Product Review: Seb Sisters Chocolate Cake

Seb Sisters bakery is an independent bakery that was established is YC124. They offer a wide range of patisserie, cakes and other tantalizing treats.

I was gifted a 6 piece classic chocolate cake, and I have to say it was delightful. The Matari twist on this classic was refreshing, the sponge moist and delicate, and the frosting was rich, but not over-bearing.

The whole ensemble was pleasing to the eye, cleanly decorated.

I would highly recommended Seb Sister’s to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Do they have anything with coffee in it? I love coffee flavored stuff.


Cake is Important.

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Oh, my goodness. Is this thing on? Poke, poke. My bad.

Well someone’s not getting any cake.

Why do you believe the cake is a lie?

It’s always a lie, darling. Even when you have your cake and eat it without losing the cake, it’s a lie. Lies all the way down. “No, no, of course this won’t add a millimeter to your waistline. Not one single millimeter!”

They think they’re sooooooooooo clever.

Is that red velvet… over there… on the fifth shelf… in the other room… behind the bags of chocolate chip cookie dough?

I suppose this thread has successfully made me want cake.

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I prefer pastries, personally. With cinnamon. Cinnamon pastries are devine.

Seb Sisters sells pastries of all sorts. Check them out.

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We’re a full-blown bakery now?

Though I am pretty sure @Arsia_Elkin has access to this chocolate cake, too.


I mean, I baked it off a recipe, so… yeah, I’m sure she does.

And I guess I could make pastries? I’unno.

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