[PRODY] Projectile Dysfunction - Looking for corporations with drive and ambition

Projectile Dysfunction is the spiritual successor to our first alliance, Sock Puppet Federation. We’re not a new group having been around since 2014 but closing its doors in 2016 with lots of sad noises. The group has always been null sec and we will he heading back there as soon as we can, carving out our own space to call our own, and reforming the group.

NB: We see many alliances at the moment desperate for numbers at any cost, but we’re not about quality over quantity. What we’re looking for are corporations that share our identity and ethos, a want to grow, but want to grow as a stable and manageable pace that doesn’t failcascade.

What do we offer?

  • Experience and Organisation. We’ve been around as a group since 2009.
  • Full comms and IT infrastructure setup like a null alliance should be.
  • Expected sov space in the next couple of months.
  • A small blue list.
  • 90% Jita buyback
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Alliance owned structures
  • Many ops per week

What is our ideal corporation?

  • Not afraid of fleeting up.
  • 25 members (we will consider less if you are very organised and experienced)
  • Mature.
  • Show promise.

We’re happy to speak to other corporations that don’t necessarily fit these criteria but we would likely recommend they join one of the main corporations already in the alliance or merge with another applicant.

Why would you join us?

You want to go places with a driven, established, and well organised alliance. We have history in null sec and will be back out there as soon as we can be. We don’t care about being the largest alliance in the game, or the best at PVP, but we do care about being the most welcoming, friendly, and fun place to be.

  • You crave organisation
  • Your corporation is growing but needs help with recruitment and IT
  • Null sec isn’t a scary place to you but an opportunity
  • High sec is beginning to feel limited and stale

Where are we situated right now?

You’ll find us in Lonetrek near Jita and have setup a small alliance area in a local constellation. There’s infrastructure you’ll be able to use in the area but don’t join us if you want to stay exclusively in high sec. Once we leave we will be making a satellite corporation in high sec which will be wardec free but on alliance services.

How do I speak with you guys?

You can speak to us in-game in ‘PRODY DIPLO’ or directly with Mino Noud. Failing that you can also Discord DM me on Mino#1682

Still looking around. If you’re looking for somewhere that isn’t just a sausage factory and meat shield then say hi.

Still looking for more!

Up up

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