Professional ESS Ledger Accountant

For those wishing to become a professional ESS Ledger Accountant here are some easy steps.

Alpha Accountants

  1. Fit up a cruiser for short brawling, complete with NOS/Neut, Webs and Drones
  2. Use a five ship Needle Jack to jack into Null.
  3. Investigate misappropriated Main Bank ESS holdings by adding them to your ledger.
  4. When finished with your investigation use a Pochven filament to jack to a Pochven system.
  5. Use a Trig Minor filament to jack from Pochven to a Trig Minor system.
  6. Find the best Upper Management who deals in ESS Ledger Account Referrals or the main investigator who deals with ESS ledger misappropriation and turn your account ledger into her or him.

Omega Accountants

  1. Use a T3C with Warp Bubble Nullification and Covert Ops Cloaking Device.
    Repeat steps 2 through 6

The goal of the ESS Ledger Accountant is to ensure that all misappropriated funds are retrieved from the Main Bank vaults and brought to the safety of the Senior ESS Accountant Investigator so that the owners may one day retrieve those funds. We in High Sec really don’t want your funds in your bank to fall into the hands of…those types of Capsuleers, now do we?

If you find your Main Bank empty, simply come to any High Sec station and I am certain that your friendly CONCORD will direct you to appropriate office where your funds will be promptly returned to you.

Dryson Bennington, ESS Ledger Accountant Investigator.

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