Project Discovery - Exoplanets live on Singularity

So you want to have incorrect assesments?

(no matter, i think now that “no transits” will have similar effect to skip)

When I watched the video about this sounded amazing to me. Looking forward to play it soon!


It is obvious, but it feels more like a bonus then an actual payout. Hence the answer to the first question.[quote=“CCP_Sledgehammer, post:39, topic:6065”]
Are the tiered rewards not enticing enough to promote progression on a single character over farming SKINs with alts?
Tiered rewards in the way currently proposed are just that, single bonuses for reaching said point.
Farming SKINs provide a more stable/continuous reward scheme. Thus creating the incentive to do so.

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Not simple. But very interesting.

This is reward for 50 rank
Is is real tech 2 BPO or BPC. I think BPC.

i not realy understand how it works and i hope to see soon a german translation for the Tutorial

I tried to find those transitions but they were not visible when I manipulated the graphs in different ways for minutes! But they were there! I dont know how someone found it because they were like little less fuzzy lines in the graph, not at all distinctive.

Is that supposed to be so hard?

New project discovery is nice. it much much better and more interesting than older one.

But PD window size too smal for pixelplanethunting, you should implement fullscreen mode

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I actually feel that isk is the main reward, skins are nice but either you use them (and is purely cosmetic) or you sell them for isk.

Yes, it’s pretty obvious. But it shows about 100 levels and your progress each time is very little, so you don’t see a progress being made in that screen.[quote=“CCP_Sledgehammer, post:39, topic:6065”]
Are the tiered rewards not enticing enough to promote progression on a single character over farming SKINs with alts?

Tier rewards are enticing but if you want to go for the skins (there are ~ 60*4=240 skins) it’s easier to farm them in the early levels (less xp neededd) than going all the way to the level 240.


It’s fine but i suggest you to increase length of progress bar or to decrease number of showing levels and/or rewards

It’s depends of popularity and (of course) price of skins. If the price is large enough then why not to farm those skins?

I’m interested in the process. Skins, or rather the chance to get something new and beautiful (not all skins are beautiful). So, The main reward is the chance to get the rarest skin.

It`s obvious, but not for all.

Just an idea for avoid farming.
1-20 rank - you can earn any skin from limited SKIN pull, 40 skins for some random. Cost of these skins will fall to a minimum and farming will require much more time investment.
20+ rank - you can earn any SKIN.

Is the agency event related to the launch of the new project discovery? Nice to see this format back again, why is the live drone event not using this? …cough…cough…consistency…cough…

The first thing I noticed is the lag/response time. It’s quite sluggish.

The next thing that draws my attention are the icons at the top, left and right of the accuracy rating. I just want to click on these or have a tooltip to get some information. Like current rank/next rank.

Nowhere on the initial window does it show your current points. It also does not show your current experience points in the journal. Seems to me like the perfect place for this information would be a tooltip when you mouse over your current rank icon to show how many points you have now, and the next rank icon could show how many you will have or even that you are close to a reward. Having it written with no need for a tooltip would be even better. Even hovering over the experience bar under the accuracy rating dial yields no information.

However… In the analysis submitted window, I noticed to the left of the first reward icon (a blue cap) what appears to be the start of a green progress bar. You have to scroll all the way to the left to see it at first. A tooltip might add clarification, or anything simple like words ™.

Why, for the love of noodly appendages am I getting xp for failed submissions?
You can just randomly click some areas with no concept of what you just did. Submit. Get the analysis unsuccessful message and you still get the rewards…

The concord Exoplanet skins are like a charcoal grey/dark blue on the ship model. Certainly not particularly adventurous or creative let alone exciting. The orange is very similar to the Inner Zone skins. A shame as the skin icon is orange and what appears to be a lighter shade of blue, and looks quite nice.
I’m sure they will be someone’s cup of tea.
The interesting thing about blue and orange is that they are almost opposites, blue being 450–495 nm and orange 635–590 nm, so when you reverse blue you get orange, and vice versa. This is why they contrast so well with each other. Like green/red etc. In this case the orange is significantly overpowering the blue.

One could speculate on whether these skins will make good isk all day, It will depend as usual on volume available on the market. But If I am to be honest, the rewards are pretty disappointing overall. Nothing to really look forward too. Are concord modules completely out of the question for later rewards?

I can’t comment to deeply on the apparel as I just don’t understand the point, you won’t expand the out of ship captains quarters aspect of the game so are they mainly for character portraits? I’m sorry, but until you introduce kilts or Mock Tudor codpieces I am unable to provide positive feedback.

I am starting to suspect you guys are so busy trying to make something a bit different, you forget the basics of playability. It’s almost like the opposite of Holmes logic…

“When you dismiss the possible, whatever you have left, however improbable, is the answer.”

Or are you using a infinite improbability generator?

Despite all this I am looking forward to it going live, because conceptually, looking for planets is just cool as f…
It just needs some clarification in some areas, and better rewards. If it has too little information it will be daunting and intimidating, this might discourage people from engaging with it.

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Just out of curiousity, would it be difficult implementation/performance wise to make the ISK and SKIN rewards be strongly related to accuracy scores and have all/most samples be based on expert solutions at least during the first 50 levels or so?

For those who like to accumulate ISK or have a collector compulsion, yes. I have no problem with people trying to satisfy those needs, but would hate to see the consensus tend towards “no planet transitions”, as it is the quickest way to gain skins; and let’s be honest, will most people understand how to or have the patience to make accurate classifications? The classification samples, which in my opinion are way too few, are only comparable when zooming way into a sample and zooming as it is now is quite slow, with the fully zoomed window being difficult to move around.

Is there a tooltip to help with that? Taking the first reward as an example, will I get a single hat or a full set of clothes along with 10 random variations?

If it is just a matter of ISK to get to them on the market, then for the gran majority the answer would be no.


To be quite honest I’m afraid I’m incapable of this and I don’t want to negatively impact the real world search for E.T.

I’ll just buy the reward items from market.


What I was afraid most people will say. Its looking like mission impossible with some images, or maybe we dont know how to fold those images so they show anything of value when searching for those low points.

I get the feeling every tenth sample is very difficult and professionally confirmed, and maybe used to validate a player’s accuracy? Because I get these occasional “hard fail” results where there’s no f’ing way I’d see the “mean” drop in Y values.

And then there are the opposite where it says 10-20% marked some sporadic selection of results and it’s laughable. You don’t need a human to mark every single drop in Y value.

Cool game overall. I like the Detrend algorithm, and the orbital period selection method is intuitive.

The anxiety though. “most samples will not contain transits.” and yet some obscure results will advise you “pay attention to mean changes in Y axis” while highlighting some vague squiggles.

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I wonder how were those samples made. I have a feeling someone used more professional tool than what we can get here in project discovery.


Actually I mean the search for bumps. I dont think doctors and professors had the same thing CCP made for us.

I figure they’re just better at this, I dunno

There is slight difference to randomness of the line, indeed, but I tried to search in similar example using folded mode and it was not visible for me anywhere. Maybe with practice it is more visible. Those people do that because its their job. For us its just a pastime.