Project Transcendence

The interaction software migration will provide an interesting set of tools to present the advances from the project. As soon as i get familiar with it´s inner workings, expect updates


Greetings capsuleers.

I come before you to introduce a project that i´ve been working on for some time, and that can be greatly improved with the help of our kind, should anyone take interesting in furthering it.

My Achur upbringing afforded me an education focused on a journey within opposed to the usual outward type of mentality. This methodology revealed a truth that is available to anyone who wishes to take away the process of removing layers of untruth that surround themselves in this dreamstate, much like what is happening with the Sleepers in Anoikis when they are forcefully awakened by the empires / capsuleers, or to ourselves when we die (at least our previous interaction prior to the data backup)

This is a personal path and meant to be walked alone, so i´ll leave it at that.

Whatever is, is right

Coming in terms with the collective condition, i decided to have some fun exploring the diversity of physical and cognitive states made available through the available technology.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”

First i presented New Eden with some beginners techniques available at Saisio monasteries to improve proprioperception, sphincter control and energy channeling as i launched a series of Sci-Fi Erotic Novels such as “Lesbians in Space”, kindly recognized by Mr. Schmidt and made fame and fortune with the collection. (You won´t believe the popularity on the Amarr and Caldari sectors).

With a large fanbase and a network of the most diverse contacts,i started receiving suggestions of themes that involved the life of capsuleers and the several factions.

“The Pleasure of one is the pleasure of many” is a Sansha based novel where a young Amarr holder runs away with a True Slave scout and is shown a new world of sensations and pleasures that only a hive mind can offer, learning to balance the jealousy and pleasure of the experience while confronting the dogmas of his previous life.

“Venom of ecstasy”, when a Serpentis researcher discovers a booster that increases sexual performance, there is a race against the clock to register the patent amidst corporate espionage, sexy Black Eagle agents, and a station wide orgy when containment fails.

“My heart and blood belongs to you” revolves around a young Gallente actor that is kidnapped by a Blood Raider party and trained to pleasure his captors with the threat of Vitoc, discovering that it was a placebo all along and surrendering body and soul to his new life.

“There´s no price for love” deals with the dilemma of a Caldari capsuleer hired by Wiyrkomi Corporation to kill Guristas agents, only to discover a newfound affection for one of his targets.

“Your wish is my command” shows a Rogue Drone that was captured and reprogrammed to serve as company, and much more, to a loner traveling Minmatar.

“Close encounters of the sexy kind” is the story of a rogue Jove explorer who abducts people and perform all kinds of sexual experiments in search of the lost joys of the flesh and the heart.

While all books have the standard “This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.”, that is not the case. And this is the point of the project.

As i laid out the theoretical groundwork for memetic acceptance in a way that the masses could grasp concepts of what it meant to be beyond a human, i received contact from several State and Rogue actors providing their tales, projects and technology that they were working on.

Have you ever felt the pleasure of la petite mort followed immediately by a Transneural Echo Burn Scanner activation and the sensation following you to your new clone? (You can´t imagine the things that the clone tech people will help you with provided the right incentive)

I have. I can´t describe as anything other than sublime.

That´s the kind of feeling that if felt on a universal scale, could change how we deal with our fellow humans. Why apply so much of our research on bellicose applications when we can muster the same technology to the expansion of perception?

The Criellere Project showed us that cooperation between States is possible, the Upwell Consortium improved that by a the action of a top of the line private corporations and and got rid of the diplomatic pressures. What could be achieved when we bring capsuleer to the flock?

The Ascension program is already bringing immortality to the reach of more people by reducing the functional cloning costs and permitting the factions to apply more people to the capsuleer program with the same budget, and as a result we have more subjects to experiment with.

Let´s not make the same mistake of the Jove that removed their sexual capacities, and let´s push it further instead and while we´re at it, let´s get everyone in it.

A small glimpse of the idea:

A doll of salt, after a long pilgrimage on dry land, came to the sea and discovered something she had never seen and could not possibly understand. She stood on the firm ground, a solid little doll of salt, and saw there was another ground that was mobile, insecure, noisy, strange and unknown.

She asked the sea, “But what are you?” and it said, “I am the sea.” And the doll said, “What is the sea?” to which the answer was, “It is me.” Then the doll said, “I cannot understand, but I want to; how can I?” The sea answered, “Touch me.”

So the doll shyly put forward a foot and touched the water and she got a strange impression that it was something that began to be knowable. She withdrew her leg, looked and saw that her toes had gone, and she was afraid and said, “Oh, but where is my toe, what have you done to me?” And the sea said, “You have given something in order to understand.”

Gradually the water took away small bits of the doll’s salt and the doll went farther and farther into the sea and at every moment she had a sense of understanding more and more, and yet of not being able to say what the sea was. As she went deeper, she melted more and more, repeating: “But what is the sea?”

At last a wave dissolved the rest of her and the doll said: “It is I!”

Project Transcendence Mission Statement


The mission of Project Transcendence is to provide an open source repository for collecting information related to the expansion of perception through bio-psycho-social manipulation and intervention. This information will be mostly about technologies and policies, but other relevant sources may also be added.

The intent of this project is to encourage the free sharing of information of procedures and available resources with all capsuleers, in order to integrate several faction expertises in a combined project to enhance the human experience to it´s current limits.

Current Research:

- VR infomorph interaction and sexual experience along it´s integration with Sleeper Tech
(Need help from: VR and Sleeper experts, Sleeper material, Enclave architecture, Entosis interface)

- Peer to Peer infomorph amalgamation and hive mind orgies with Sansha implants
(Need help from: Nation, Bioengineering and Infomorph experts, Fluid router architecture and P2P interface, Kinestesic feedback, ego dissolution and infomorph psychology)

- The physiological effects of performance enchancement catalyzed by biochemical components, in adittion to pleasure perception/stimuli when interacting with Serpentis and Drifter Boosters
(Need help from: Biochemisty and Booster experts)

- Infomorph behaviour when inserted in SRY, SOX 9 / DAX1, Wnt4a vessels and the commonly known variations.
(Need help from: Geneticists, Biologists, clone lab tech staff)

- Others

Take the leap. Further the journey. Realize you have never left.


I’m really glad this made it over


I’m really not.


The project is ongoing, i´m just not updating it as much as i would like to due to time restrictions. There will be documents available soon.

Did you find anything beyond “I am” to be true?

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Oh Jason, still haven’t learned…

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Plenty, actually. Did you find anything beyond “I am not” to be true?

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Spare me the arrogant finger wagging. There’s nothing to ‘learn’ from orgies, besides what an orgy feels like. There’s nothing profound about this at all.

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Did I say that? You’ve completely misread me, drawn your own inferences and condemned me into the bargain.


That’s all this ‘project’ is. Various forms and methods for performing orgies. Are you incapable of reading?

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No, but you’re clearly still incapable of understanding me.


If you’re not on topic, that tends to happen.

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You can’t see it, but I’m rolling my eyes at you.


How can i not be if i´m here and you´re interacting with me? Or perhaps… this is all a big construct and you are only an avatar on a digital simulacrum trying desperately to give this manifestation meaning and purpose so you can put your neurotransmitters to use and get high on serotonin and dopamine by speaking loudly about how righteous your convictions are and denouncing all those who don´t follow your code?

It´s ok too you know? A good way to spend time as any.


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Not everyone who finds meaning is this stereotypical crusader, finger-wagging others for not agreeing with their ‘righteous convictions’ and ‘denouncing all those who don’t follow their code’. You can find meaning without being a dick about it.

And more to the point… it’s quite an ironic statement from the source. You’re well known to brow-beat people with your ‘nothing matters except ■■■■■■■’ philosophy.


Do you feel brow-beat?

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I don’t tend to think of myself as a victim, so no. I do think, however, that you are very, very certain of your philosophy. When we chatted about this, you struck me more as an ideological salesperson than a participant in a dialectic.

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Now now, Jason, just remember that nothing Morgana says matters. Morgana said so.


She’s just a pointing finger

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So you´re spaking on behalf of other then?

She gets it. Why is it so hard for you to do the same?

I would rather not waste time with dialetics, arguments or words words words that describe something.

Talk all you want about how awesome it is to fly a spaceship with your brain, show the blueprint of the process, explain all you want about the neurointerface, this wil mean NOTHING to those who are not capsuleers regarding piloting a ship with your brain.

Either you do it for yourself, experience for yourself or it´s just words.

Describe the moon as much as you want. I would rather look at it´s beauty.

And you know, the invitation remains. Let´s look at it together.

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Maybe, but you spend a whole lot of time describing it.

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