Proliferation of FW bots

I’ve noticed an invasion of bots into FW, more so than usual. The current variety of bots use a stupid naming algorithm, where they under-capitalize the first name while capitalizing the second i.e. “gdrine Auffrie”. Some of these bots are members of corps with nonsensical name, i.e. rczgan.

I’m happy to blap them as these bots behave stupidly. You can frequently catch them as they warp-in to the plex. Park 2AU from a plex, narrow your d-scan to the plex and wait for a Venture to pop up. Then quickly warp in and kill them as they wait for the gate to activate. The problem is that there’s so many of them. IF you do decide to blap bots, your security status will tank below -5 in no time.

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Sounds like they don’t care about capitalizing their name at all and use the standard (capitalized) second names suggested by the game.

That aside, I haven’t been in FW so I haven’t seen them myself, but I wonder what is causing this apparent invasion of bots into FW. Maybe the late Alpha level 4 mission running bots are moving to another source of ISK?

No matter, keep the fight up against these bots! And let’s hope CCP is keeping up the fight as well…

What did you think would happen when CCP took level 4 missions away from alphas? They would just stop trying to get free omega accounts?

They aren’t. They’ve dropped the ball. By not managing serenity they’ve allowed it to get to a state where most of it’s people are coming to TQ now. Enjoy your bots everywhere and 20 billion isk for a month of game time.

Seems like CCP is actually keeping up the fight!

Doesn’t seem to be against FW bots, but against bots nonetheless:

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They missed some.

Well let’s think… it wouldn’t be wise for the BOT hunters to tell to the crowd where and when they’re hunting. Also maybe they’re present in FW systems, watching you kill bots, and see if you report any afterwards.

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