Proposal for Rebalancing of the Suicide Gank

“You mean a terribly inefficient fit that sacrifices cargo hold and agility for HP – which is a non-starter.”

Posh, you have to make a choice. You can have freighters fit for max tank, max agility, or freighters fit for max cargo. You can’t have all at the same time. This is not inefficient if your freighter is not the one that gets ganked because it is more trouble than it is worth to gank it.

So it takes two trips to haul something. Quit being greedy and just fit a tank.


Actually it gives you agency.

You can fit for max haul and be paper.

Or be smart and dbl shield/hull tank that bad boy and make multiple trips.

Again, please learn how to EVE kthx.


There’s all sorts of clever little tactical methods of getting stuff from A to B…especially the use of relay ports if one has a continuous flow of goods.

Fully agree.

Jump Freighters will get ganked regardless 10B killmail - I honestly doubt Gankers gank for the Isk unless they are newby gankers.

The unbalance is Gankers can plex all of their accounts with ease if you did nothing else but haul I suspect you a freighter pilot could plex a scout however most like me use those funds for other activities.

Reality of it all is Plex to Omega is the causation there has always been some level of suicide ganking and effectively Carebears in HS are content for Gankers. If you dont like been content move out of HS or play another game.

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Yes, what bothers me more than anything is that gankers are really successful so much that they can plex their accounts. They claim they’re giving ccp so much money but man I also have a lot of alts and I don’t get special treatment.

-No stations on the same grid as gates
-10 players should not be allowed into hisec

You know why they are successful?

Cause the majority of HS players can barely play the game.

Who undocks a blinged out marauder when Hawk is in local?

You make like CCP is giving them these loads of ISK.

It isn’t.

It’s stupid players bruv :smiley:

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■■■■ Hawk lol

Not me! :rofl: They send in a scout, I always start packing up just in case, but no attack ever comes??? :thinking:

So we all need to be scared of gankers haha don;t make me laugh. Everyone tells me the best strategy is to deny them targets. So we should just run? Fu*k that.

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How is one play-style so successful that the only (sane)option is to avoid them?

I love it when gankes arrive on grid just as I warp off. What can I say but “GF”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The game was designed from inception as Everyone Vs Everyone.

The game was designed to be thrilling. Mining is not thrilling but escaping a gank while mining is.

The choice is yours on how you play. Sheep or wolf. Your either one or the other.

I mean you can feel that way for sure. But people have all the tools to avoid him and they don’t use it.

You don’t have to run, you could field a bait fit marauder and live thru the DPS depending on what he brings.

But if he drops in with like 12 talos, you probably popping no matter what unless you can somehow DPS them off fast.

It isn’t.

You simply suck at the game :smiley:

There are many ways to stop them. The easiest and quickest one is running. There’s no shame in that.

There are others. Are you actually gonna sac up and do it tho? Or just cry to daddy CCP?

Thats the 1st one I would recommend! Live and learn.

You’re in a mining ship! RUN.

You know what’s shameful? ganking a venture. You’re cancer.

Maybe, but players like you are the plague that brought the numbers to where we are today.

Like me? why?

You only want free stuff.

Free? Do you know how much I spend on Eve subs? How much do YOU spend?