Proposal for Rebalancing of the Suicide Gank

Spending rl $ does not make you good at the game. Just a sucker. Thinking you can buy game experience is just :rofl: .

Check my zkillboard, how many times was I ganked after I learned the ropes?

Then why are you complaining now?

I dislike when some randos prey upon other people

Why? He was AFK the whole time :smiley:

When I dropped in, I was 33km out LOL. He had a ton of time to flee.

I’ve blapped and been blapped by many things in my EVE life.

I like how you dodged my question tho. I’m guessing you will in fact not be saccing up and instead just keep crying to daddy CCP :smiley:

Ah but not enough to actually stop them yourself.

You’ll just cry in the forums to daddy CCP.

Got it :smiley:

Other people would be smart to not be preyed upon. I do admit it’s a steep learning curve.

I am a miner and ganking does bother me. You prey on people that don’t want to pvp. Who can’t even shoot you back. I am ok with ganking though. You can gank as long as there are consequences. Right now gankers can do as they please. Sec status loss means nothing. Since I am a miner why should I go hunt for gankers? Why don’t gankers mine instead? Do you understand what I am saying? Ganking has many advantages over mining. I don’t know about other play styles. Oh I can become a ganker myself, I dont lack isk nor alts.

Then get some backup.

I have all the backup I need. I pay for it with $$$$

Then you reap what you sow. Again, why are you complaining if you have backup?

Mm but you won’t :smiley:

You’re a coward sir.

You’ll sit there, chewing rocks and crying for daddy CCP to save you.

Newsflash boyo, they consented to the PvP as soon as they undocked :smiley:

Can’t shoot back? They got drones. They got higs. They got local. They have so many tools to get away.

Yes, you choose to mine in a ship not made for combat. Maybe use some of that fancy ISK and alts to guard your assets hm?

Oh? So ganking isn’t a problem then.

Got it :smiley:

Maybe you should try teaching others how to avoid what is fair game play?

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Maybe I will

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That would be the most noble thing in the game that you could do.

I just don’t think you’re up to the task from your recent posts.

Best of luck though and fly safe!

I was not gonna waste :rofl: my time looking him up!

ROFL. I have a ton of AG and low sec fit ships left in Uedama :smiley:

Guess I’ll come by and visit if you’re lonely :smiley:

Strong words from a

Please do

But you can do better than avoid…you can run rings round them. I got 500m ISK worth of stuff out of Jita without ever once being scanned. I used my own special ( really quite clever ) relay method to get it to destination. Anyone waiting for me down the line would have been totally confused. Although I myself have a ganker alt…I also take great pleasure in outsmarting gankers.

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This one might not be active. Putting a target on your back in the forums is fun. Piss me off and I’ll send my wife’s toon after you. Far more lethal. :rofl: