(Proposal) New kind of burst jammer

I have a hard time as well as many other people mining anywhere in a hulk. It’s pretty rare to ever see one due to suicide gankers. The whole point to flying the hulk is it’s amazing mining capabilities. Those capabilities of course come at a great cost to defense, And because of that it’s quite rare to see hulks in space. It’s kind of pointless to put armor or shield tanking capabilities on a hulk. It really defeats the purpose of the ship completely. What if we had lower power burst jammer modules. I’m well aware burst jammers already exist however… They come with a very frustrating cost that if an innocent pilot is too close when you use it To defend yourself Concord has a field day with you. We need an AOE jammer that only affects aggressors against you. It can be a lower power multi spectrum burst jammer or it can be loaded with scripts to jam specific targeting systems if needed. My hopes for this post is to push the idea of a different kind of tanking altogether. A type that completely relies on countermeasures. Kind of a lower power type of tanking. Of course this kind of thinking I have in mind is not invincible. There are ways around it just like regular shield and armor tanking. I feel it would fill the gap for ships that have particular skill sets in areas other than tanking Making them extremely easier targets. Mining barges Of the like don’t always have the power grid and CPU to fit all of the Shield and Armor modules as well as modules to boost mining.

Unfortunately, something like this would be far too powerful in large scale battles. The hulk in general trades tank of mining capabilities, it’s kinda is shtick. It’s meant for fleet mining, not solo mining.

Here is an idea, don’t fly a Hulk by your lonesome. Even the Porpoise has shield logi for the keeping it fleet-mate intact.

An Orca has even stronger shield logi, no not for the drones, silly.

I can’t see too many situations where a 5-10km burst around your ship that influences just hostiles would be problematic - if burst doesn’t work now, it wouldn’t work with the change either. Yeah, it would be better, but I don’t think it would get too OP. What scenario do you have in mind here?

Furthermore, you could easily have it changed to just obey security settings and have it applied only against suitable targets - say with security to green, it will try to jam all ships/drones/… that wouldn’t even make you suspect (including your drones). Then the change wouldn’t really apply to anything but carebears.

A good scenario that seems to always play out exactly the same way is they use close range ships to deal large amounts of damage. They always seem to warp them in at optimal range which in the case of a catalyst and ships like it is well within the range of the AOE for the burst jammer. The security settings don’t quite help. If there is an innocent ship or structure that is not allowed to be attacked by the particular setting it does not allow the jammer to be turned on to begin with. The original jammer is not selective in its targets. If you turn off the security settings it hits everything regardless of aqggression . The jammer I’m going for would not affect my neighboring fleets.

Yes that is correct. So your idea is to remove the intended trade-off of yield vs. defence? Why? If you want to be safer fly a tankier mining ship. If you are in a fleet or otherwise provide for your defence, fly the Hulk for better yield.

-1 on this idea as just removing choice and consequence.

It doesn’t completely take away the draw back to the ship. What it does is merely increase the chances of survival. Jammers are not the most powerful thing in the game. They fail all the time especially if you’re in a ship that doesn’t specifically boost that type of Module. I think there are only a few ships in the entire game that can nearly almost permanently jam someone. None of which are mining barges or industrial ships.

Hulks are suppose to be squishy and defenceless. That is the trade-off for their high yield. If there was some need for additional offensive/defensive weapons on a mining ship, it should be systems designed to go on the Skiff/Proc, or perhaps the Mining Command Ships, which are the ones with bonuses for offence/defence, not the yield-focused Hulk.

So you’re saying you’d be OK with a Module like this coming out for the other mining barges and not just focused on the hulk ? If that is what you’re saying I would be OK with that as well.

No, I said that if mining was too difficult and some more weapons designed to protect industrial ships are necessary, it would make sense they go on the ‘fighting’ ships, not the Hulk. Deciding that mining ships have too little combat capability based on the Hulk, the one that is suppose to have no combat ability, is silly. They should be balanced on the strongest ones, which I see no need for buffs. Orcas and Skiffs have more defensive ability than most battleships, and Proc is among the tankiest ships in the game at the low cost. They don’t need more defensive systems in my opinion, but if for some reason they did, I’m thinking they would go on the combat variants, not the yield ones.

But having this discussion seems strange because as you acknowledge, the module you want already exists. You can fit Burst Jammers even on Hulks and you won’t get CONCORDed for using them against people attacking you or criminally attacking others. While I think changing how AoE weapons work in highsec would have significant changes in game balance, I think the bigger issue is probably a coding/CrimeWatch issue. Maybe the CSM can clarify that, but I am also not sure that selective AoE weapons is actually a good thing for the game.

I guess conceptually I could support a TSB on it. But that’s about it. The hulk isn’t meant to be alone.

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Hulks are pretty common in nullsec. And, as Pedro noted, you’ve already got burst jammer modules in the game. I’m not sure that creating a module that only has limited usefulness in one discrete area is worth the effort. You just have to be careful when using the existing module.

I also think the last thing we need is any new AOE in the game. :slight_smile:

The current 1st jammer that is available has gotten me Concorded. The one I’ve proposed would be extremely useful as all gankers use close range ships.

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