[PROPOSAL] Support Avatar Gameplay as a Means of Increasing Immersion

(Tintheren Lothlorien) #21

Bringing that back might also make it easier if ccp ever wanted to make a eve movie, some charater moves and stuff, plus some extra rooms in CQ would open up the ability to put more variation on it as well for some cut scenes where required, wait and see i suppose

(Jack Carrigan) #22

I concur, not to mention, if they actually came up with some legitimate in-station content, there would be so much more emergent gameplay available.

Being able to have meetings with your corp/alliance before ops in either a board room, war room, or in the hangar prior to launching out.

Imagine one of those huge battles being precursed by a group of pilots in formation in a hangar surrounded by all sorts of nasty hardware, only to have them scramble to their ships, and launch out. It would give so much more depth to the mass battles with all of the beautiful explosions.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #23

From an immersion stand point that sounds rad as hell; however from a gameplay convenience standpoint I’m fine with Discord and meme spam for corp/alliance op meetings. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lady Ayeipsia) #24

What about letting your standing with a corp determine the size of your captain’s quarters? This would work only for NPC (or not if citafeks gained CQs).

Them if you have great standings, you get a big room. If they hate you, it’s small. Maybe even make it a license you purchase with LP so the license could could sold.

Too late of a thought but just one more missed opportunity.

(Phurious George) #25

No thanks

(Madras Dawnkeeper) #26

Umm, well :

(yellow parasol) #27


(Rina Asanari) #28

Walking in Stations was “the next big thing” in 2011. I said something like “don’t ask for it before 2016”. Well, reality caught up to me.

Frankly, had there been more of actual gameplay content to the CQ than just “what you can do from the station hangar you can do there, too”, I might miss them. But as it is now, well, I don’t do so very much.

(Fellfresse) #29

What if all the services available on a station [NPC or player owned] are accessible not only by menu, but 3-dimensional behind the door with the avatar? Now all the garments and body modifications are obsolete and the new eden store also offers less interesting content.

(Investor Alvi) #30

As I understand it, the reason CQ was abandoned was to conserve resources. If that is truly the case, then why have Character Customization at all? How a character looks is trivial in a spaceship vs spaceship game, so just remove portraits and give everyone a custom icon. That should conserve a ton of resources.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of CQ and the whole WIS idea. I think it would have promoted immersion and much more player interaction besides sitting in Jita and chatting. By doing it properly, it could be a huge ISK-sink for players to spend their money on. We could buy modules that provide various customizations (think Skyrim mods) from decoration to functioning beds/Quafe dispensers, to corporation meeting rooms, bars and casinos. These modules could also be for sale to be used in POS/Citadels.

Yes, all of these would require more resources & dev time. I think it would bring in new players and improve player interaction beyond station chat & pew pew. On the other hand, if CCP is unable/unwilling to commit to such an endeavor, then scrap all Character Customization and all of the New Eden Store clothing items, as they are an unnecessary use of resources.

But I really, really, really want CQ and WIS. Please, please, please!

(Isihukone Thara) #31

To be honest, it was the biggest dissapointment from the CCP to me after all of those years waiting for something I wal really looking forward to. Not just that they abandoned whole project, they even tooked the CQ from us, god damn it! I am really starting to be kinda angry to those, who won’t care about their player.

I won’t care about remodelling of any of ships, it’s completely unnecessary!!! Do you really want to know why there is only 3% of players using those CQ (the number that CCP told us)? Because they started it before the years and won’t added anything to that future for several years! If you abbandoned WiS project, give us back CQ! It’s like robbing all of those players which spends anything on any costumes! They paid real money for it or ISK (but that won’t matter, it was bought for AUR, or PLEX later). Would you refund that money to all players, which spent em for those costumes?

Are you planning to do the same with the skins feature? Letting the players buy that skins for their money, than you remodel the ships and place new textures on them than you will just cut off those skins from all of those people? Do you realise how absurd it is?!?

Are you stopped caring about your players? Don’t you care? Really?!? God damn it, give us back the CQ, you have it already developed! Please, don’t do that to us!

I want it back same as many other players, only real advancement in game during the years have been tooken out back from us… I want the CQ, come on!

P.S.: Just to add, it was the best game I ever played and even if I had some breaks coz of RL, I was more than glad anytime I was back… But after last break I am starting to reconsidering many things… I really hope I will get my CQ back and even the possibility of WiS one day, because it can be the best added feature to whole game. Forget about remodelling ships and do something more valuable for your players, we are the reason why you made the game! Don’t forget about that! Please…

P.S.2: Even your GM Sirius encouraged me to complain! Just to let you know…

(Rina Asanari) #32

CQ had to go because it couldn’t be compiled with 64 bit.

Apple announced to retire 32 bit support, so, as a result, only 64 bit applications would work.

You do the math. Lose at most 3% of the players because they used CQ (and, most interestingly, as seen in another thread, 3.2% stuck to Windows XP…) or lose ALL the Mac players in one fell swoop.

And, out of the three percent, how many are whining about CQ being gone? I bet it’s not even in the double percentage digits as well, and out of these most do it because they spent RL cash on clothing and props.

So, again. And nothing of value was lost. Rather gained with freeing up dev resources.

(Markus Jameson) #33

I’d take issue with that… but (I hope) the benefits

outwiegh the loss so I’ll earn to live with it & hope (probably in vain) for a restoration & expansion of services at some later date :slight_smile:

(Benje en Divalone) #34

Another 1% isn’t going to do all that much damage…

Regardless it’s my understanding that Mac users go through Wine so all that matters is that the Wine executable itself is 64 bit. Pretty sure that 64-bit Wine runs 32-bit Windows binaries just fine without MacOS support.

But back to your point… Based on the maintenance estimates in the article losing just 1% of paying accounts wipes out any savings they made by removing the feature.

The blame lays squarely on the studio. They’re 100% at fault for neglecting the feature and they should refund everybody that paid for any costuming. Thankfully I never spent the USD 0.40 I was tempted to :rofl:

(Syds Sinclair) #35

The blame is entirely on CCP for even considering the steaming pile of crap WiS.

It adds nothing to the core gameplay and demographic of Eve. At best the “fun” things you can do with WiS are akin to Facebook games.

(Rina Asanari) #36

As much as I have said. I rather think MORE people would be hacked off by the idea of EvE turning into Habbo Hotel or a FPS. If they had wanted an EvE themed FPS which actually has an influence on EvE’s gameplay itself, there had been DUST514, I believe. And we know what came out of it.

And, actually, people STILL like to show off their stuff, in the portrait images. Seen it myself. So it looks like the only remaining justification for CQ - showing off your threads - is a moot point, too.

(Markus Jameson) #37

You might be right about MORE… but there must still be a large crowd in EVE still interested in a virtual world encompassing the full range from spaceships to FPS.

After all that’s pretty much what EVE promised us was coming when CCP brought out CQ as a WIS precursor & integrated DUST514 into EVE’s world & there’s still a lot of people who came to EVE for that, not to mention a lot of DUST bunnies hanging around spinning in station while they wait for the new one that might never come.

Not completely sure about the others… but I have seen a lot of Dust bunnies about.

(Krima Sumyungi) #38

The proof that EvE would never be more than “spaceships in space” has been right in front of you all along.

Name one ship, just one in the whole game, that has landing gear.

(Veskin Sentinel) #39

Ships in EVE don’t need primitive and obsolete tech like landing gear. They have gravity manipulating devices that let them float harmlessly above the surface of a planet etc. Leaving and boarding the ships is also made with the gravity devices. :wink:

(Markus Jameson) #40

Space ships (as opposed to those designed for operation no further from a planet than close orbit) & atmospheric landing craft have completely different requirements.

Such that any sensible spaceship designer (not that CCP devs even come close to approaching such a description :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) are very unlikely to even attempt to mix their functions.

So your space ships would be spaceships & landers would be landers & you’d transfer to a lander from a station in orbit, so you shouldn’t expect spaceships to have landing gear.

Nice meme though :grin: and I do apologize for the sudden attack of pedantry :confused: