[PROPOSAL] Support Avatar Gameplay as a Means of Increasing Immersion

(Jian Mira) #41

look at the audience figures now… 21,568 I remember when it used to be in the 30+ when they released the free version it went up to 46+ but now its gone back down again…

CCP need to think of new ideas, i know we still get big battles and loads of ships getting destroyed…

What would you do get things going… i think WIS would definitely work but it would take time to design from ground up…

new ideas are needed, what happened to the sleepers they are like the Borg but that storyline as also died recently…

(Rina Asanari) #42

Whoever thinks that CCP will ever tackle CQ or WiS again since it came to a grinding halt for YEARS… well, the most kindest description for such a person would be “hopelessly optimistic”. With emphasis on “hopeless”.

There was as good as no need for it in the past, nor is it now. And given that many other space games I’ve seen trying to including an avatar element did so quite poorly - in BOTH aspects - I’d rather say, EvE should keep doing one thing, and that single thing really good. And that’s spaceships.

(DeMichael Crimson) #43

That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to have it.

Thankfully it doesn’t matter.

(Rina Asanari) #44

Might be that it doesn’t matter. And in truth, the only opinion that matters in that regard is CCP’s - were it any other way, there would be measures against AFK cloaking, local in Nullsec would be off and many other things people are clogging the forums - old and new - with for years.

And CCP made it clear where they stand on CQ and WiS, so I’m still quite sure that this will turn out to be yet another thread where people are clamoring for something for years without any indication that CCP will heed this, regardless if this thread is in the CSM forum section or not.

(Markus Jameson) #45

Mayhap, but (taking the long view) CCP are in the business of being in business… to wit making money… so, with that in mind.

  1. Ever since we got computers there’s always been a migration towards larger more complex games with ever more options as the years have passed & MMO’s are no exception to this.

So if they want to stay in business with this platform (EVE) indefinitely they will eventually need to broaden the games appeal.

  1. CCP are reasonably bright boys (or at least employ some) & clearly know this as evidenced by the stalled attempt to get ahead of the curve with an integrated (to EVE) DUST514, CQ & WIS.

So you’ll just have to face the fact @Rina_Asanari, it will come again sooner or later & eventually it will stick instead of stall.

It’s that or EVE folds up it’s game board some day, perhaps leaving a small community of die hard fans to fund their own otherwise deserted server.

So suck it up, may take a while but it’s either coming (eventually) or EVE dies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Yanina Usaro) #46

Won’t happen. CCP is super tight about their paperdoll artwork. You might have noticed that the times when community artists just took the ship models and rendered wonderful stuff are gone as well … stupid investors always being greedy about IP …

Nevertheless, I could envision a poser add-on for the client, where you use FBX for importing animations and light models (from Blender,Unreal or other CGI software) into EVE Client and have the avatar being lit and act accordingly and then you export scene into your own enviroment rendering. The idea of people doing a kickstarter and bringing their own funding and interact with the CCPers could be feasable as well. But CCP handing over paperdolls to the community is just a “will not happen” thing. Many people have asked for this multiple times.

(Rina Asanari) #47

Dust514… gone.
WiS… never made it out of planning stage (or not even that)
CQ… well, gone, too.

Add to that, their WoD game? Vaporware as well.

And what makes you think that they would try again what had been failed attempts at branching out? So far, changes of the game have only been gradual. New items here, rebalancing there. CQ had been the last attempt to bring in a radically new direction, and that turned out not so well, to say the least.

After listing up these money sinks and seeing that EvE is still going as it is, why would they again throw money at something that would again be doomed to fail, given the history I just listed?

Want to take a bet: Ask them directly “what are the future plans on WiS?” - I bet their answers would be non-commital (“we didn’t plan on re-development”) or something like “soon”(*).

So, yes. Feel free to hold your breath waiting for an announcement of any form. I’ll just stand here and watch you turning blue in the face and die from asphyxiation. And note, I mentioned announcement. Not any milestone planning or an actual release date.

(*) = Where “soon” is another word for “a decade”, since WiS in its original form was slated to come up “soon” after CQ, too.

(Markus Jameson) #48


So you can’t read then?

Because it was there in black & white in letters [gets a ruler out & approaches screen] 5 cm high on my screen…

Go get new glasses & read it again, if it’s a money issue try Spec-Savers, I hear they do a good deal.

Here… let me link it for you in case you have trouble finding it when you get back.

There, I linked it three times, just to make sure you can find it if the new glasses don’t work.

(Rina Asanari) #49

Quoting your own posting doesn’t add any value to it. Quoting an official dev posting where they say they’d plan on re-introducing WiS or CQ and with a timeline any more substantial than “soon” may.

So… links or it didn’t happen.

(Markus Jameson) #50

Ah… I am sorry & I do apologize, I had thought you where just a bit short sighted but I now realize that isn’t the problem at all… the problem is your “special” :smirk:

In response to a post where I say why I think CCP will try to put WIS in the game again.

You ask why I think CCP will try to put WIS in the game again

It’s almost like you don’t even read what you reply to… hmm :thinking:

And when I point that out to you, you respond with a post In which you actually ask for

You what??

So… you want links from me to prove what I think my opinion is? are you seriously that stupid :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We (meaning “you” of course, I understand now how you have difficulty with the English language so I thought I better point that out for you, this is called “sarcasm” by the way… if not sure what that is try a dictionary) are a special snowflake aren’t we :rofl:

Or… and this is just a random errant thought that just passed through by the way… are you, actually a poorly programmed chat bot? that would go a long way to explaining the lack of connectivity betwixt what people say & your subsequent ( for want of a better word ) “response” :smile:

(Rina Asanari) #51

Running out of tangible arguments you turn to trying to offend me on a personal level. Should I say “how typical”?

Thing is, having an opinion is one thing, but trying to push it through even if all evidence would point against that specific thing to happen is something I regard as either “hopelessly optimistic” or “downright delusional”.

Strange thing, that baseless belief that WiS will be a thing anytime soon (meaning, five years or earlier - they didn’t make it in six, after all) has some hallmarks of religious zealotry.

And if there is one thing one cannot argue with someone about, it’s religion.

(yellow parasol) #52

Her what?

Her what?

(yellow parasol) #53


From what i see, do you mistake him as being a zealot, and he apparently mistakes you as stupid, and it’s all based on wrong interpretations of the words of the respective other guy.

Both of you might simply have been reading way too many posts in here, screwing with both your perceptions of other people’s posts.

(Markus Jameson) #56

Actually I “mistake” him as a stupid zealot :wink: but I will say this assessment is only on this subject.

I’ve not seen a response from him on this topic that doesn’t rely on “nah nahna nah nah I can’t hear you” & poorly executed attempts to ridicule (turnabout is fair exchange, if he doesn’t like receiving it he shouldn’t do it himself :smirk: ) opposition, so for now the interpretation holds :smile:

EDIT: and yes I guess I have overstepped the mark in the last post, but honestly, telling me if I can’t provide links to prove what I think “it didn’t happen” (so… I didn’t think that? :worried: )… seriously!! :rofl: :rofl:

(Markus Jameson) #57

I honestly do believe at this stage that your level of comprehensions (and… dare I say it? intelligence) is far below the threshold where you’ll understand the point I’m making there :smirk: but others will… so that’s OK :smile:

(Markus Jameson) #58

Um no, I never said that… deliberate misrepresentation on your part or just wrong? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

< goes & checks his original post on this point

nope… seems pretty clear, deliberate misrepresentation it is then :slight_smile:

and I also never said it would definitely happen either… I said there were two options in the long term, which was EVE either gets WIS (plus a whole bunch more in that vein) or eventually dies.

and this is where I said it & the exact words I used.

So deliberate misrepresentation tantamount to lies then, nice debating technique :smirk:

Not the best one for use on a notice board forum where everyone can go back & check what was actually said by who & when though is it :smile: o7

(yellow parasol) #59

I get your point, and i know how frustrating it can be.

You’re letting the general, and obvious, toxicity and intellectual poverty creep into you. It’s a common thing i’ve noticed. There more one reads perpetually repeating nonsense, lies, fallacies, bullshitting or outright stupidity, the more it starts triggering. It can’t not make angry, unless you realize that there’s no way of beating it by behaving the same way they do.

Be happy you didn’t see the old forums, and how mostly carebears turned it into a cancer. Like here, now, but much, much, worse. And CCP never really did anything about it. ISDs aren’t allowed to police it either. It’s up to us, to make sure this place doesn’t turn into the same shithole as the last one.

It’s an uphill battle, during a blizzard, with a 100kg rucksack strapped onto your back.

While being naked.

(Markus Jameson) #60

Oh come on, that deleted one was a reply to you, not part of my conversational chain with him or relevant to it & you know it :slight_smile: there was a second one directly under it I deleted as well.

I understand he’s probably one of your corp or alliance so you feel you have to support him but you can’t tell me you can’t see how lacking in intelligence his arguments are & expect I’ll believe you :smile:

I’ve spoken with you enough to know you’re own intelligence & ability precludes any such lack of grasp so I’m not convinced :grin:

(yellow parasol) #61

I’m all solo. No corpmates, or alliance mates. i don’t like that. You probably already know why. I just jumped in, because i felt like you two have issues communicating, and you’re slowly losing it. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to take a side. i’m not saying you’re wrong. i’m just distracting you, and pointing out that it might just be a misunderstanding. Reading through certain threads can make people dumb. :slight_smile:

(Markus Jameson) #62

That’s an observation I could never argue with :upside_down_face: If I ever try to feel free give me a little therapeutic tap with a two by four upside the head.